Thursday, September 11, 2008

Shonen Jump Baltimore

Baltimore has come and gone n GB is still ruling...=(
however we all know that the dark arm decks have already catched up alot on GB. This means one thing dark arm teleport decks are gonna be able to beat GB soon as the deck is so simplifying and it is so fast and it can allow so much new tech. However GB decks have no0 new techas they stay to their test tiger +prismer combo. Although they have gotten DD crow, DAD teleport decks are still at advantage

The good thing about the DAD deck is tat is too fast. While gb dont have any good draw card and speed up as they onli aim to commit to the field and control it. Its good but the DAD deck is too fast because they have more than 12 cards ready to be used to thin the deck. The cards r 3 reinforcements, 3 allure, 3 destiny draw, and 3 emergency teleport. Teleport is just gay n i think its gonna be limited next list. With the dhero malicious coming out fast and thinning deck along with e-hero airman we already have 15 cards used to speed up games. So we have 25 cards in the deck left basically. No wonder we see DAD too often?

Now im g0nna talk abt SJ Baltimore. Baltimore was definitely interesting as we see Synchro variants everywhere from the Vision gun blue syncrho to even synchro dude!(which im gonna try to make a deck of soon) and ppl everywhere were running 2 to 3 dd crow to kill d-hero diabolicguy. Dhero devil guy even became tech! which im very very fond to hear of since dhero devilguy was the first d-hero we see in GX and because of him i was fascinated by the d-heros.

D-hero devilguy is so good for few reasons. Damn easy to search out with e-hero airman, reinforcements, sangan, and is compatible with destiny draw and crush card virus. What made this card so good and it ended paul levitin and one of the bellido brothers in top 16 because it can get rid of anything. Heraklinos is annoying and is the main stopper of DAD synchro decks. Well, this card get rids of him and gives u 2 turns to think of a way to stop him. With the DAD deck speed, u have no problem to access DAD or get out something to stop it.

Next collosal fighter is something that is running wild. The best card against LIghtlord because it basically destroys Honest. Now honest is gay and something that can take it down is welcome in my deck if u ask me. When destroyed by abttle, collosal fighter lets u revive a warrior from graveyard back to field. So, if honest+other monster kills this guy, u basically end up reviving collosal fighter, take some lp damage and rid ur opponent of Honest.

Next up is urmm...dimensional prison. I guess the gladiator beast decks are gonna run this card like wild soon as it just basically kill the synchro monsters. Well, it is the best answer to stardust dragon and alot of other cards. Aside from killing stardust it stops other GB-gyzarus in mirror matches.

And we have Phoenix wing wind blast! Being basically the best discard cost one take out card in the game right now, PWWB was run by 10 duelist of the top 16! Better than raigeki break because firstly it doesnt give ur opponent who runs GB a target for darius. Also although raigeki break messes with ur opponent's in grave dont forget that in dark mirror matches u will find out that opponent willl choose to summon stardust dragon with their malicious and emergency teleports, tell me what raigeki break is gonna do against that. Besides being good, it also returns synchro monster back to deck. I think wasting a card and most likely a (malicious) is pretty good trade for ur opponent synchro monster. The good thing is u will most likely special summon back that discarded malicious.

Another good tech i think will be the transmigration prophecy. Since it messes with the opponent dark in grave or mess with zombies or lightlords, i guess its kinda good. It also makes ur opponent waste a crow if he chooses to use crow. All u have to do is chain prophecy and u have 1 less crow to worry abt. It also messes with ur opponent's dhero-diabolicguy which i think is important for the Dark duelist. Returning it back to deck will most likely have ur opponent to draw it again and find another way of discarding it. Or u could adjust ur darks in grave. Sometimes u find that u have a dhero malicious in grave and u got a hand clog of more malicious(es) Then u can discard the malicious for d-draw and finally chain prophecy to return ur malicious to ur deck so u can special summon it out again. This card is probably one of the best tricks.

I think there are many more good innovative tricks that we have seen in SJ Baltimore. i shall stop here and continue in part 2 which i shall review some of the decks and tell how much potential they have in the current metagame. Grats to Hector Heras for the best deck there. I shall also talk about psychic commander. He might be the next card to throw in our sidedecks in 3s as long as GB is still alive and kicking

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