Friday, August 22, 2008

Card review: Arms Aid

Anybody who has been keeping up with the metagame now will probably know that Gladiator Beasts are pawning the shit out of everybody else.....

Lately, attack power is becoming something that is becoming more and more important. Cyber dragon is an example. Look at Worlds. Possible nearly every single deck ran him there. he was just so important to counter GB. Since GB dint have test tiger at that time, it was even better! People would have to trade off a special summoned laquari to kill it. That was why Japanese representative who won the the World Champs ran Andal.

Also, if anyone has been reading the metagame articles anyone could see what this week's topic is. Power. Any card that has good strength, easy to summon requirements, good states are bound to be run. Konami predicted this and automatically limited cyber dragon. Instead they are giving us vice dragon who can do the same thing except retain its powerful attack. =.= useless. but its there for tributing and synchro summoning the same stuff cydra was used mostly for.

Enter :[arms aid]

attack 1800. def 1200
machine/ synchro /light/ LEVEL 4
effect: You may equip or unequip this card anytime fo the duel to one monster, the selected monster gains 1000 extra attack points. If the monster destroys a card in battle, inflict damage to opponent equal to the attack of the monster destroyed.
At first, when u look no one will probably think much of it. People will just say "oh mi god! this isnt the ultra rare i want to get from the yuusei pack! I want the other one whatever it is..."
Now i will delve into why this card is so good. Maybe after you read this u too will like arms aid. Firstly the fact that its a synchro earns a top point. Everybody knows how good synchros are this format as they are so easily summoned through so many methods from emergency teleport, jutte knight, x-sabe airbellum and more....
Secondly, its level is what catches my eye. If you look carefully its a lvl 4 synchro. Now no synchro is lvl 4 besides this. Being lvl 4 opens up many possibities! In fact if one doesnt have any monsters to make a stardust or a goyou, this card being in the extra deck will come in handy. I knwo 1800 attck isnt much but look at these days cards. 1800 is something quite big and gladiator beast have nothing to kill it. I repeat nothing. Well, unless they have test tiger of course, but look at their top scoreres laquari, darius, equite, bestiari all cant do anything. They will have to suicide a laquari which is a good move since laquari is so good and is the source of heraklinos. Futheremore, if you play hedghog synchro like I am going to you will find that arms aid gets even better! If you ahev only one hedghog in grave, and a zombie carrier, you cant go more than lvl 4 right? Of course assuming that you have card of safe return and Royal iron wall out you can summon 3 arms aid! Why?
1) carrier reborns.
2)hedghog too.
3) synchro
4) repeat (the cards arent removed from play because of royal wall. Besides, you egt to draw more from COSR's effect that actiavtes because hedgehog revives.)
Looking from that easy loop, you can see that you can easily get out a 2800 attack monster and a 1800 monster as well. In fact you can even get out lvl 6 and 8 synchro. How?Look on:
1) SYCNRHO summon out arms aid
2) revive carrier and synchro with arms aid to form briunac/ goyor guardian
3) repeat and repeat.
4) discard as many cards out for briunac's effect( you get alot from the reviving of bolt hedghog and COSR)
Did i mention it does so well against most decks namely gladiator beast
Well this is so because gladiator beasts depend on attack. In the OCG gladiators are gonna get more and more common since test tiger is only a rare, andGB kaiseris is also only normal. So..yea Gb flood! Like the metagame authors said, attack is important. In this case arms aid is so useful! Boosting a card up by 1000 attack is so good. U can equip it to ehero airman and give it 2800 attack. You can give another synchro more attack points. How about a goyou guardian that steals monster with 3800 attack and deals extra damage sound to you? Or a 3500 attack stardust? In fact people have always been complaining that stardust has too weak attack. So a 3500 atk stardust is almost invincible. Judgement dragon cant touch it, DAD cant touch it goyou cant touch it (but briunac can .... =.= )
Oh it can help Gladiator beasts too!
LOL all this while i have been talking about this card being a big help against gladiators. Now it seems like it can help gladiators. No im not talking about gladiators against other decks. It already has a big advantage against almost eveything else. But im talking about the gladiator mirror match. Gladiators will definitely love to run synchros. Think stealing ur opponent's gladiators n tag out your own. In fact you could also use arms aid to solve the attack problem....Of course you shoudlnt worry about performing synchro summons since the gladiators you waste will be compensated by darius' revival effect. Besides that synchro summoning is actually beneficial to the gladiator decks. Stardust blocks out murmillo, gyzarus and stuff like that. Arms aid solves heraklinos. Goyou is just cool, And briunac makes the one objective of gladiators(stay on field n tag) gone!
Arms aid isnt actually broken. Its just something i think that has some potential in the current metagame. Causing infinite loop in the hedghog synchro is one good reason to play it,and giving more strength is just what we need.
Funny isn't it how attack power is the answer to Gladiators ?

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