Saturday, August 2, 2008

The new banlist (predictions)

Well its just one month to banlist folks and i here wanna make a speculation. The banlist is probably the most crucial part of the yugioh game where broken decks will have their power-reduced and broken cards will stay in our binder and collect dust.

So here is the changes to the banlist (IMO)

Banned cards.
ADDED: Dhero diskguy- do i have to mention why? [limit reverse], [arms hole]s, briunac loop, zombie madness, [destiny draw] everything makes this card just so good and i am really sick of seeing this card (actually i never seen one because no one in my area has it and neither do i =D)

Premature burial- why? because its broken. thats why. briunac loops it infinitely, arms hole recycles it and everything its so much better than [call of the haunted]. The fact that the monster isnt gone from the field when this card is bounced back to hand/deck makes it really nifty around Briunac and [giant trunade]

Dimension fusion- its banned in TCG. Its bound to be banned anyway. The banlist will most likely look as alike as the OCG/ TCG ones anywya. That makes this card banned whether we care or not.

Restricted to one

Added: Breaker the magical warrior- originally banned. I dont see why it shouldnt return, its not much of a threat anyway. Anyway if you guys have been observing the previous banlists, breaker has been banned at every march banlist and released back at every september ones. Will it be the same this time? We'll just have to wait and see.

Gladiator beast Bestiari- Im not gonna limit kaiseris because this is the root of evil in gladiator beast decks, Why? kaiseris can be stopped if this card is gone! Why people wanna limit kaiseris i also dont't know. This card is more splashable than [GB kaiseris]. Look at it this way. If [GB bestiari] is gone, 3[GB kaiseris] in ur opponent extra deck also no need to fear. If we limit kaiseris and we kill off 1 [GB bestiari], its not gone yetr! 2 more bestiari in deck/ hand will still be able to contact out the [GB kaiseris] in fusion deck! If u [Bottomless trap hole]d [GB kaiseris] and say its gone forever ur opponent will still be able to create havoc with [GB bestiari] around. But if u bth [GB bestiari] or [dd crow] it when it gets to grave, its gone forever no more signs of [GB kaiseris]. I hope this isnt confusing and hope u guys agree with me on this 0ne....

Dark armed dragon- Konami dint kill this guy off in the previous banlist because they wanted TCG to have a chance to use it...They got their fun we got our fun [ and unfun =( ] so its time to say bye bye to this guyt. If restricted to one, its no more of a mayhem hehee....

Judgement dragon- another crazy crazy card that screams ban me or you will never see the end of lightlord decks!!! Pay 1000 points to destroy whole field and still keep this card on the field? Just damn crazy...3 turns later you got game....

Honest- This is crazy card also probably the best best best cover card monster ever! A [magic cylinder] and [reactive armor] rolled in one! IT cant even be predicted and it isnt affected by [light-sealing mirror]! siaw!!

Rescue cat- This lil kitty is more than meets the eye. It can really kill. The [rescue cat] synchro deck is really dominating the OCG meta now and i think it should be killed off or just kill of [x-saber airbellum] which i dont think will be a wise decision since promos are banned anyway....

Caius the shadow monarch- broken broken broken >.< everyone agrees on this one right?

Mezuki- oh my god, monster reborn for zombies. did its job too and stay on field or was a discard cost! Herey! Herey! Limit it! Limit it!

Confiscation- i just think this gem should be given back to us. I really miss the good old days when we would open the game with [confiscation] and then pay 1000 lp and see that look of despair or " shit ur just damn lucky..." on your opponent's faces. Sigh good times...good times...

Snatch steal- With the amount of monster-relianced metagames i think its time we get back an old card that can really change the game tide and has that " in your face" or " have a taste of your own medicine" written all over it. Steal [dhero BlooD] with it and your opponent is in deep shit.

Gladiator beast war chariot- a free counter trap that negates all sort of monster ignition effects ? N the only cost is to have a GB ont he field? This card screams kill me off or you'll regret it!


Card of safe return- A bit too much at 3 a deck. Lets see it at 2 . Maybe its not so crazy? Plants and zombies abuse this card so well...

Reasoning + monster gate: okay i put 2 different cards in one cause they both hacve abt the same effects anyway. If one makes it int0 a deck the other is bound to be in as well, Oh well...

Royal oppresion- Im a bit still reconsidering this since its an anti-meta card thats too well. I know i know...Must kill meta, if this card become the new meta then how? Anyway itts maindecked and sidedecked to much...So keep at 2 a deck la....

Light and darkness dragon - doing no harm, come on konami let it back at 3.

Well, thats all im posting about. I'm bound to repost another one before the banlist (maybe in 3 weeks time?).

Im signing off now. Hope you guys agree with my decision, I know it looks a little bit like baha's but most people know what should be done or not, right? By the way guys i didnt include Magician of black chaos becuase its not doing any much harm now, I agree its broken but konami usually only bans the card if its really doing a lot of mayhem. Look so many other broken cards how come only some gets limit? So i sure hope this is good news if MOBC isnt gonna be limited (well at least thats my opinion)

Till next time, play hard play fair and have some fun. Im starting on a fanfic tomorrow. Its about the 5 signers but gonna change the characters, cant have yuusei running around all the time right? =D

off topic: Nick im not gonna ban Deon Lim from coming to this blog. In fact what im trying to say is that i CANNOT do thatIts your problem with him you settle it do NOT bring it to public and on to the World Wide Web. I hope this isnt offending you now, and i wont take sides
i'll just sit on top of the fence.
Look at it this way, its free will.
You cant BAN a person practically.
I mean look even if u say i ban "DL" or "asskicker" (no pun intended, no offence either) but they can still come and look and read and post in message box right?
Its free will. In fact if you ban them they might just make a new name and spam this blog even more and this will disappoint and make the other readers feel uncomfortable.
So what can you do? Settle things out with Deon. Things and action should be taken after consideration and looked upon on a neutral point of view not by feelings and personal issues. Take care man =)

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