Saturday, February 16, 2008

Looking back on the past: card review: Phoenix wing wind blast

Phoenix wing wind blast
normal trap
effect: Discard one card from your hand to return one card on the field to the owner's decktop.

This format happened to be one of the most potent formats. and also one of the slowest. Yes, yes perfect circle monarchs and Destiny Ladd werent slow but compared to the previous formats of graceful charity, pot of greed, chaos and devil franken , you will know what i mean. A long time ago, about 3 to four formats , yugioh was in one of its slowest eras where thousand eyes sacrifice was dominating the format. At that time, PWWB was one of the best cards to use, since it made your opponent slower and slower.....

Then, stuff sped up with speed reaching its climax at the devil franken otk era. PWWB was not an otk card and over the formats was left aside to gather dust. Also, this wasnt an otk combo helper and also discard costs were expensive at that time where card advantage is most important so this card was left out. BUT , but....

In this format, PWWB proved to be most potent. Raiza the storm monarch was one of the most powerful monarchs and voted most annoying in the game. In the TCG, before LADD was released, raiza was runned everywhere and was voted most powerful card in the game. Until SJ Washington, where champ, Jon Labounty scored the first place with 3 copies of this card in his deck. From the on, this was one of the most sought after trap cards( in the TCG) since it provided a spin off effect like Raiza , players even ran 3 raiza, 3 back to square one, 3 pwwb and 3 legendary jujitsu master to annoy other duelists.

This card basically works best in the infamous perfect circle monarch/ LADD deck. Y? First, this card has a discard cost. Players may ask why discard cost? Hand advantage is important. But , at times, u simply need to discards some cards to the graveyard. Ask any PC player and they will tell u they had problems getting needed cards in to the graveyard. PC is the most graveyard oriented deck in this format and no im don think DARK decks rely on graveyards any more than this PC deck. The perfect circle needs to work with the cards such as
YOmi frog, Dandylion, Dhero malicious and d hero disk commander. 3 destiny draws, 1 snipestalker and 2 foolish burial isnt ennough to discard those cards to the graveyard. Of course, ppl have bad hands and bad luck. So, by playing PWWb, this card nt only transforms useless cards into useful ammo, it slows your opponent down a turn which is sometimes enough to rejuvenate and refreshen your hand.

PWWb is also a life saver and imo a card that generates advantage for you. At times , if your
opponent has a cyber end dragon with limiter removal and he has just played all his cards in his hand and spent most of his LP and the entire duel to pull of this one combo. PWWB generates card advantage because if u just played it and return the CED to the fusion deck , your opponent will cry.

This card like raiza , its walking counterpart, can target any one card on the field. Unlike other card like reactive armor, claymore mine, dimensional confinement which only activate if your opponent declare battle or dust tornado which only target S/T , this card is a free target, which means most of the time, you have a card to target on your opponent field. Furthermore, this card can be chained to, so if MST, heavy storm, mobius come down, your opponent just wasted a card so thats advantage for your opponent. If this card was destroyed first turn, while set, by an MST at least you will feel more relieved because you have one less S/T removal to worry about.

Also, a good combo, would be to discard the freshly drawn
yomi frog in the draw phase then revive the frog during the standby phase. Furthermore, if u returned a, dhero diabolic guy or yomi frog of your opponent to his deck top, i gurantee he will cry.

yes, if u have dead cards in hand they will be pitched for a good purpose. Also, if premature burial, call of the haunted doesnt have a decent target int he graveyard, you could just discard a high level monster to the graveyard and reborn it. ONLY four monsters in the gravyard? Well use wing blast and pitch one from the hand and use pot of avarice. Thats uber advantage there. What ever the possibilities are, i gurantee that this card will rarely be a dead card and will mostly help you. So get your copies of PWWB and play them now? Will this card be still as versatile in the next format? Well, we'll just wait for the next ban list to see abt tat. Oh well, here i will sign off. so remember to have fun, play fair and don cheat while playing the game.

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