Friday, February 8, 2008

An early prediction of what the next ban list might look like....



* yomi frog











* return from the different dimension

*wave motion cannon

Semi limited


*monster gate



*Destiny hero disc commander- this card is broken. For paying about eight hundred life point or activating a call of the haunted u can SS him from the graveyard and earn two cards. Two cards is a lot in the game , it can help a winning player win even more, it can help the losing player to get back in the game, it can give so many possibilities.....Pot of greed was banned and i expect this to be.

*Yomi frog- The biggest, non -situational, easiest to come out,tribute monster in the game! Banning this will kill monarchs. Sure they are kycoo and dd crow maindecked everywhere but the amount of damage this will cause ,before the opponent draws their anti-frog card, will surely be a lot. And anyways even though it is hoped to be banned,it mihg tnot. Because the next set has frogs so konami might not ban it just to "look after themselves"

Dark magician of chaos.
Too many combos involving this card including an infinite loop and an infinite loop combo. Discuss

Limited cards

*phantom of chaos-
Has anyone seen the Rainbow dark dragon one turn kill that involves this card? i'm sure you have. DDT makes use of this guy too. So many combos with this cards that is good i think it ought to be limited.

*Demise king of armagaedon- Konaami hates otk decks. Look what they did to magical scientist otk/ cyber stein( devil franken) and chick the yellow/markyura otk.This card can be stopped many ways such as phoenix wing wind blast, enemy controller more but like i said konami hates otk decks. If they don't limit this card at least limit advanced ritual art

Dark armed dragon- i should have very few things to say. An instant 2800 attack monster and minus three of your opponent's cards. Discuss

RDD- Has anyone seen the otk decks involving it? Like I said konami just hates otk decks.

Raiza the storm monarch- well DUH !!!!!!! This card is just as bad as time seal!! Bringing back your opponent a turn is just so annoying!!!!!!!!! Im sure im not the only one complaining. This is the most annoying monarch. I rather have any of the other monarch bomb me but not raiza. Sorry raiza fans. I play 3 raiza too but as much as i hate to use 1 only, its what should be done.

Light and darkness dragon- If disc commander is banned, I expect this card to be not that popular anymore. If disk commander is limited, players will still play this card even if it is at one per deck. This card is awesome. It stops your opponent's cards effect , they waste a few cards to destroy him and then he gets replaced by disc commander which gives the LADD player 2 cards. insanely broken.

Dimension fissure/ Macro cosmos.- Personally i don't think this might happen but you never know. I mean these are what keeps the survivor engine going and going. These cards rape the PC deck or Destiny light and darkness. Please konami limit them or at least one of them . please. please pleas...

Time seal- I dont see why not this cards shouldnt be at least limited to one. It wont hurt that much

DDR- A significant side to premature burial. It was limited, why shouldnt this card?

Arms hole- It can fetch you any of the best equip spells, ddr, premature burial, autonomous action unit, megamorph, mage power, united we stand. This is nearly god

Wave motion cannon
- With 3 dark bribes and 3 solemn judgment this card is nearly unstoppable and cant be negated.

RFTDD- This will make dark otk decks or bazoo ftw decks less scary.

Semi limit cards
Reasoning- These cards are god. They mill through the deck and gives u a free monster. This card is used in the six warlords deck to get some good grub in the graveyard for enishi.

Monster gate- a lousier version of reasoning but better in certain situations. A sure summon but if u hit a magician of faith , yomi frog, dhero diabolic guy, ur opponent will laugh the shit out of his ass. If u are lucky, this card will probably win the game for you if u get out a DMOC

Well, i know this list will surely have many disagreement. So, please post your disagreements in the chatbox.
For the meantime, we ll just have to wait for the real ban list coming in march. So play hard, play fair and be honest while playing yugioh and have fun too.

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