Saturday, February 16, 2008

I guess everyone's doin it so...the fucked up banlist

I guess every1's doin it so.... ill give a review of the newest banlists and my opinions and thoughts abt it.

Here are the changes


Call of the haunted

breaker the magical warrior

magician of faith


Monster Reborn( wtf !!!)

Raiza the storm monarch

Ojama trio

Noble man of crossout

Advanced ritual art


Book of moon

cyber dragon

light and darkness dragon


foolish burial

mage power

magical stone excavation

No longer restricted
All gadgets
apprentice magician
creature swap
reckless greed
pot of avarice



well, im nt surprised. I wonder if konami intends to ban MOF and breaker in march ban list and unrestrict them in march. A free destruction creature with a formidable 1600 atk.

Magician of faith-
Retrives your selected spell from the graveyard. Not surprised as well. One of the only few spell retrievers that are good and can be splashable.

Call of the haunted- one of konami's most stupid actions. I thought the ban list to be much more sensible than this. As i am writing this i am fuming and my keyboard button's are nearly coming off. This ban list looks like it was made by a noob... call of the haunted is far more much, very very much less better than MR, i'd rather have Premature burial banned than this card.


raiza the storm monarch- k0nami has woken up finally. no one likes to be hit by a raiza. Of course limiting raiza means players are gonna run back to square one and PWWB for raiza's effect again. Discuss. I do think that gaius is better and ought to be limited but i guess TCG havent gotten Gaius yet while OCG has.So they want TCg to have a chance running 3 first.

Advanced ritual art- Demise staple. I can see Hanrui crying and fretting nw just because this card is limited. The possible second thing i thing is reasonable abt this ban list.

monster reborn-The most broken monster reborning card without cost of all !!! Definitely nt a good action konami. tsk tsk tsk. I dont noe whether to be happy abt gettin this card o nt. A broken combo would be
1) activate MR
2)Revive Dmoc in your graveyard
3)take MR.
4) tRevive DMOC in opponent graveyard
5)Take Mr again
6) Revive a disc commander
7) draw 2 cards.
A plus 4 with just one card, insanely broken

Nobleman of crossout
Nobody bothers playing this card anyway. =.=

Ojama trio
No more stall. Awesome. I love this idea. Sensible konami.but unbanning MR and unrestricting jinzo isnt awesome. ZZZ

SEmi restrict

Light and darkness dragon
Konami finally did something about it, bt failed because nobody runs more than 3. IMO, 3 is too much.

No more torture golum/ inferno tempest deckout decks anymore. Still annoying though.

Cyber dragon- NO!!!! people cNT play CYber end dragon anymore. WEll, its a lot harder. Colin will scold konami.

Foolish burial- No use anyway. No one plays more than 2.

Mage power-Urmm.... who cares!!!

Magical stone excavation- DDT gets stronger but i guess this card is semi limited to restrict magician of faith. TO replace MOF, evrry1 will start playing MOBC except me cuz i sont have one. ZZZ ~sobs

Cards that ought to have been banned

Dark armed dragon-
Of course this card ought to have been banned. But im kind so i think it ought to have been limited or at least touched. An instant plus 3 and a 2800 atck monster is awesome.

magician of black chaos- Is konami insane? OF course this card must be banned!! An otk involving mass driver and ccannon soldier and an infinite draw combo and the most efficient form of spell retrieval in this format

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