Thursday, February 7, 2008

A look on the past year

I was bored so just write this article la.... Well we had quite a lot of releases last year, such as
*force of the breaker
*tactical evolution
*gladiator assault
*phantom darkness
*darkness structure deck
*emperor structure deck
*some promos such as air circulator , phantom of chaos, belial-marquis of darkness, and bloo-D.

Force of the breaker gave us volcanics and gem beasts as its focus points. Though neither has made it to tier one they are very fun to play with especially the gem beast strategy is very annoying and headache to play against.(that amethyst cat is so hateful and the fact that u see your opponent play gem abundance makes it so hateful since u know u r about to lose the game ). The set also gave us raizer the wind monarch which in my opinion is the best card in the set.

Tactical evolution. As usual the TCG(english) gives them il blud and other dual support cards.... Anyway, the cards in tactical evolution isnt really that good as there is a new mechanic of dual monsters is released. Though not very fast, it is also a fun deck to play with.... The best cardsin the set is probably IMO crystal magician , and double summon.... Sor y zombie master fans....

Gladiator assault gave us new type monsters to play with. As usual they are not tournament worthy but can be fast too since there should be more gladiator support cards to come. As usual ALSO, the tcg was given more great support cards but they nvr make use of it ( always playin those PC decks) or maybe they are still just not good enough. The evil heroes were released too and they r definitely more playble than the elemental hero monsters( sry im not refering to ocean beats (big city) decks....they r good)

Comes Phantom darkness!!!!!! one of the most powerful sets to hit the yugioh world. This is the most besttest and craziest sets ever!!! ( my english even go crazy to describe this booster).... With Dark arm dragon as a rare only and many other kickass cards that rocks so much, this is arguably the best set ever( as versatile as the chaos sets) Cards such as
a)volcanic counter
b)the dark creator
c) DAD
d) cyber vary
e) dark burst
f) knight of the end
g) and the YUBEL monsters!!!!
h) rainbow dark dragon

and many more that i cant remember.........AS USUAL, the TCG gets other great cards such as allure of darkness, darklord zerato, dark parshath and other cards till i m so jealous.....

Dark deck is actually not bad since they give many new cards like repeating nightmare and other stuff.....

Emperor deck is just awesome!!! they give one of each emperor , solemn judgement, DDR, rftdd, dd survivors, and many other just awesome cards . This deck is obviously the best structure deck released and the most playable out of the box... 3 copies of the emperor deck is actuually tournamnet worthy

Oh ya nt forgetting the dragon deck ..... its actually not that bad since they give cards like decoy dragon ( which is one of the best dragon support stall cards) and the unforgettable TRADE IN!!!! its so awesome almmost ALMOST as good as destiny draw...

Personally the promos released this yr such as Dhero blooD , air circulator, belial, phantom of chaos, gouka the malice spirit, Red eyes dark metal dragon, earth giant gaia plate , barbaros and arcana force the light ruler r notable ones and r not tat bad.... HOWEVER they r nowhere near as good as the previous year's promo i mean GORZ, dandylion airman and light and darkness dragon made a history in the game of ygo and made their ways as staples in most decks.....

WHAT TO look for in 2008
*dark simorgh decks r good if work well.....
*volcanic monarchs such as in the TCG (since the volcanic rocket is available in OCG but damn hard 2 get)
*six samurai decks actually getting far because of grandmaster( also available now in OCG but like the Vrocket its damn hard to find...)
* new way of playing ( tuner and synchro monsters)
* lightlord decks....(like the dark decks they r GOOD since judgment dragoon blows up the field LIKE CED and dark arm dragon destroys the field like chaos soldier....familiar? these cards r actually like the chaos monsters except they need to function in only one type of element( eg: dark light not combine)konami is tryin to recreate chaos.....
* MORE dark decks. Dark valkyria might earn a place in the main deck but definitely not as versatile as breaker
*more innovative n creative decks(n thats up to us to create!!)

Well thats abt it 4 this review.... remember play hard play fair, be creative and have fun

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