Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Card review: RDD ( rainbow dark dragon)

(thanks to manjyomethunder.twoday.net for providing the pic. (copyright)
This card that is being reviewed is the rainbow dark dragon.
Its stats:
level 10
4000 attack
0 defense
type: dragon
This card cannot be normal summoned or set. This card cannot be special summoned except by removing 7 different type of dark attribute monsters in the graveyard away from the game. Remove away from game all Dark Attribute monsters in the graveyard, for each card removed by this effect, increase this card's attack by 500 points
This is the dark counterpart of the ultimate gem lord- rainbow dragon. Its art is one of the best and coolest i have seen so far( far better than the dark simorgh-it looks like a chicken!) Like all the dark counterparts of other cover monsters, this one has a unique effect far easier than the rest (except dark nephitis) . However it isn't that hard to call it out after all, i have nearly 7 dark monsters after 5 turns and i don't play a deck based around this demon. Of course, with 3 armagaedon knight( knight of the end) and 3 foolish burial available , the cost of getting this card out is in fact very easy. Also, u can pack your deck with full of nomi monster and play monster gate or reasoning( name prediction) to fuel the graveyard for this card. Oh yah there is magical merchant also!!. Anyways, its not that hard to get it out.

The second effect is what really gets people going. Well its not as broken or as gay as dark arm dragon or light and darkness dragon, but it can go up to 8000 or more. In fact, this card is being used in an oneturn kill deck right now in japan. I remember being pawned by this deck in a tournament and it was really unexpected. The person's deck was finish in just one turn! and so was I.... But after a good 3 minutes of sidedecking, i managed to pull through with 2:1.

Of course after using up 7 monsters in the graveyard to summon this monster, this card's attack won't be so high. That's why Phantom of Chaos is being used now. It practically removes the dragon and does the job.

This dragon is quite a handy monster also. Being able to recycle itself through repeating nightmare that lets u add up to two 0 defense monster from the grave to the hand. Being 4000 attack lets u sacrifice it for deck devastation virus(DDV of magic) or eradicator epidemic virus( sry don know the japanese name).

Oh well there is a few ways to kill the rainbow dark dragon deck. Well, since the deck mostly kills during the 1st or second turn turn. Siince the deck will run out soon that means they have no options left. So threatening roar negating the battle phase will do the job. Also, phantom of chaos will be targetting the graveyard, so dd crow and hero rules 2 will do the job. Also, solemn judgment or dark bribes should be more than enough to kill the monster gates or reasoning....Since the deck doesnt side deck much (thats because most of the cards get dumped for the reasonings or monster gate.) Then next turn just summon an emperor or use lightning vortex to do the job. Well, thats how i managed to pull through and i was suing emperor deck). Perhaps there are more alternatives to countering the RDD but i cant think of any now. >< in chinese new yr mood ba....

k. that was a pretty long post. So, i have to sign of now. so play fair, play hard and always have fun

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