Monday, February 4, 2008

dark bird control (with a twist)

A friend of mine on a forum told me to try this deck out :
3x raizer the wind monarch
3x gaius the wicked monarch
2x dhero diabolic guy
1x dhero dashguy
1x e hero airman
1x critter
1x envoy of the dark lord- gorz
1x card gunner
1x cyber vary
1x dandylion
1x snipestalker (snipe hunter)
1x magical warrior breaker
1x yomigaeru (treeborn frog)
1x dd crow
1x dark simorgh
1x saint magician (magician of faith)
1x metamol pod ( morphing jar)

1x soul exchange
1x brain control
1x pot of avarice
1x hand severing ( hand destruction)
2x foolish burial
1x enemy controller
1x heavy storm
1x premature burial
1x reinforcements of the army
1x destiny draw

3x solemn judgment
2x phoenix wing wind blast
1x torrential tribute
1x call of the haunted
1x mirror force

fusion deck
3 chimeratech fortress dragon

side deck (15)
2x dd survivor
2x mobius the ice emperor
2x hero rules 2
2x threatening roar
3x flip the mat (pulling the rug)
3x dust tornado
1x cyber dragon

analyzing the deck: how is the monster line up?
The main component of the deck is dark simorgh. Although it is quite hard to draw dark simorgh in a game, the deck doesn't really focus on the cuckoo bird to win the game. basically, 3 raizer and 3 gaius are more than enough to do the job. Raizer slows down the opponent by one turn , giving him/her the deva ju element.
Morphing jar is used to speed the deck up giving me 5 new options. The tribute fodder consists of dandylion, 2x dhero diabolical guy and of course the wonderful yomifrog. Gorz is there to provide the element of surprise to turn the game in your favour. Of course, dd crow is in there because it is just plain good. Cards like sangan, breaker are plain staples. Snipe hunter is becoming a staple in most decks nowadays because it actually get rids of useless cards in the hand for a good purpose. Furthermore, it can be used to discard malicious, frog , the dandylion and other stuff that need to be in the grave.
Airman. What can i say? Almost every deck that runs at least 3 or more hero type monsters should maindeck airman, unless they don't own one of course. Cyber vary is a new card that i am teching. It has 3 very useful effects but mostly i would use the 2nd effect to draw 2 extra cards, by giving up the dandylion token, my opponent's card that i brain controlled. Sometimes if the deck needs time to rejuvenate and gather its victory pieces, the vary is the perfect card to stall with. Trooper is a card that replaces itself and gives a plus one so its good. Cards that thin the deck down will always earn a space in my deck . I know, i know, marshmallon, spirit reaper should be maindecked but i am still debating whether to main them or not as they aren't very useful....

How is the spell lineup?
The one copy of reinforcement of the army is all i need since i always draw it on my first few turns. XD. The foolish burial helps me to assemble my combos to the graveyard and also it thins the deck so its good. =) The brain control and soul exchange are for the monarchs. Heavy storm and premature burial and pot are in there because they are staples and they provide oneturnkill/ gives my opponent disadvantages, and provide tribute fodder for my monarchs( pre-burial). I don't have another destiny draw so i go to the next best thing, hand severing. As it sometimes, spoil my opponent combos ( who knows? it might help my opponent but i m lucky , don't know why though) Sometimes, i need to discard 2 cards so i look forward to the hand severing. Enemy controller, serves as a swiss army knife since it provides defense, and field control.

How is the trap lineup?
Urmm...nothing much to say though. Mirror force, Torrential tribute and call of the haunted are just very good and should be abused. They usually don't help me much since this deck controls the field all the time.
The 4 phoenix windwing blast is there because its good in the cureent metagame. It discards my useless cards to slow down my opponent by one turn. So it is basically giving my opponent a minus one. And since i get to draw a card (draw phase) and that means i am given a plus one. Also, the 3 solemn judgments are used to negate my opponent's cards and stop his plan halfway.

Analyzing the side deck.
The dust tornadoes are used to kill burn decks, macro control, and stall decks and to waste their demonic temple bribe and solemn judgment

DD survivor is used against macro rfg.

cyber dragon is used to speed the deck up if facing up with a faster deck than mine.

2 mobius are used against macro and stall and burn decks.

2 threatening roar is used to side against otk decks like demise oneturnkill

2 hero rules 2 is to side against a dd crow heavy deck or those decks that rely on graveyards heavily. ithought hero rules 2 could kill dark arm dragon, but i guess i was wrong....anyway, it may not kill the gayest card but it still does enough good things to earn a spot in the sidedeck..

3 flip the mat is just good. It kills volcanic rocket, gadgets, knight of the end( armagaedon knight) , monarchs, gem beast sapphire pegasus, breaker and many more that i can't think of and oh ya, ehero airman!!!!

This deck is all about speeding yourself up and slowing your opponent down with cards like raiza and phoenix wing wind blast. Iknow other cards like dherodisc commander and others like magic striker would be better in there but i dont have them as they are expensive....XD

well, that's all for this very very long article. So remember, play fair play hard any enjoy yourself while dueling

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