Saturday, January 11, 2014

Cards royale YouTube channel shoutout

Hey guys, last post I wrote about how yugioh blogs are not the best source of information any longer and how videos on YouTube especially competitive duel videos have become the best source of information and learning yugioh effectively.

I also wrote about a store hosting tourney series in Singapore and how they should record feature matches.

The next day baha told me that the store actually does feature matches and has a YouTube channel where they post the recordings.

Check out the channel Cardz royale on YouTube. I would link it but I'm on my iPad now.

Go subscribe to it ! Much better to watch those videos than ppl like Cordero or other yugi tubers.
The channel has a very measly number of subscribers so it would be good if you guys supported them.

They may not have updated the latest videos yet and are still a few weeks behind due to editing or being busy , but hey quality over quantity !

That's all for today.

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