Tuesday, August 6, 2013

#occupy yugioh

The new rage and talk of the TCG world.

In case you are from OCG and you dont know whats going on:

Its basically ARG writer Joe Giorlando asking ppl to boycott YCS toronto because it was poorly run/decided/planned etc

coupled with the fact where he threw in the notion that konami should make the game better

TBH no one gives 2 shits abt the YCS toronto thing: if i really wanted to win a YCS, i will do all means, even if its to play in a shitty format with the best deck and book exp flights etc. Where there is a will, there is a way.

The only reason ppl are supporting it because konami should make the game better and they want them to start doing better coverage and stuff.

TBH konami coverage is really shit and it doesnt take a genius to tell that they dont really put much effort. I think TCG should be thankful that they actually get coverage. What does Asia Yugioh get? nothing. Coverage is done by the players themselves (blogs, players, associations like YES, HLG bla bla) .

So what do i think of it?

Im not gonna go in depth, but i think its cute. Its definitely something worth supporting especially since ive been in Australia TCG for a while and its really shit, even compared to SEA, where at least there r more events there. Sure we get regionals pre-nats, but after? Totally ntg.

I'd give my support and acknowledge their efforts. But am i gonna go crazy and change my FB picture to that red picture? And risk my social life? Nah, for fucks sake.

Also, you cant really blame the haters because some of them give really solid reasoning and are not unreasonable. In my opinion, it all comes down to each person's individual personality, and how they view things in life. Some people are the more assertive type like Joe Giorlando, Michael Bonacini and Kris Perovic type who strive to make a change especially when they feel things aren't right. Others like Angel Flores are the complete opposite. They accept things as it comes to them and adapt to changes whether they like it or not.

And there are types like me , who sit back and watch the drama wheeeeee.

Like dont u love it that TCG players have to argue abt every single thing

And to ppl who tell me: "you're just the type of player who complains but doesnt do jack shit and just sit back and reap the benefits":

1) I live in Australia, there are no benefits
2) My life is not Yugioh, i have better things to do, i do not care abt yugioh as much as the other players do


Aradia Megido said...

That whole "you could have it worse, be thankful you have anything" mentality is a ridiculous fallacy. Just because it is worse somewhere doesn't mean we shouldn't desire to improve conditions. Konami's poor communication abilities could be excused if they had created an interesting and balanced format, but we know the current format is the antithesis of that. It's about time we held Konami accountable instead of letting them tread on us because they make a card game we happen to like.

mike said...

Never have I said I was not of the same ideology ^

I'm just not super passionate or stoked about it

Dylan Mangione said...

Yeah...I agree...
Cute...very cute...But it won't do anything. I want it to, but konami is a business...and they dont make money off competitive players, they make it off the nubs who go and buy sooooo much shit but still stick to their Crystal Beast deck.

petqwe said...

By not participating you are already in some sense 'boycotting' yugioh......

mike said...

Maybe thats how u see it, but thats not how i see it.

Im just not
there are other ways of contributing to the society still. To a certain extent, i:
1) share some info/thoughts on the blog,
2) collect decklists to be posted on hlg page
3) help players in my locals/friends i know , if they're in need of help.

Im just not gonna change my pp to that red color thing.