Thursday, June 20, 2013

castle of dragon souls

the new card for the mirror match. or for dragons.

Raising 700 attack while giving you a +1 is fucking good in my opinion.

700 does so much in other matchups even for prophecy, and evilswarm.

Castle + chalice + reactan = ophion die.

Its definitely a sleeper card.

If destroyed by dragosack, special summon another dragon to fuel as defence while next turn you get it back in your grave.

Can be used for otk abilities too. Storm field while dragonic is fd, and proceed to summon another dragon.

Whatmore, they think their colosal can whack your crimson blader? Fuck off.

They think you cant kill them with blaster, tempest and tidal? Fuck off

They think their redox is strong? fuck off.

damage step ppl!

Big eye + Vanity? Np Econ + reactan + dragon souls

Has soo much potential in dragons now since its basically a better Returrn from different dimension. Also fuels rftdd

Chalice their dragon in response to Crimson Blader in dmg step? Castle of dragon souls.


Luckily you can only use 1 copy.

Whoever uses 1 will have an edge in the coming Asia WCQs =)


scyu.lee said...

It is one of the good card that can be side into the deck and pretty useful especially against mirror match as it can lock down Dragon's effect by chaining to their Dragon's SS.

mike said...

how are you gonna accomplish that lol

mike said...

like it says "you can only use 1 of the effects of so and so , and only once that turn"

as in talking about the player, doesnt refer to both

scyu.lee said...

What I meant is to lock down their SS effect by banishing opposite color Dragon.

scyu.lee said...

What I meant is to lock down their others Dragon SS effect by banishing an opposite color Dragon.

mike said...

You mean like banishing your own redox to add, so they can't use their own redox ef?