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Sealed Play: Battle Pack 02


So i managed to have a first hand draft session with 7 other friends at my local store today.

It sounded fun so why not! + i have NOO idea whats in the set besides the egyptian gods (reprinted in original art fuckyessexy) and also some money cards like megalo and breakthrough skill and carcarD

So, im here to blog about the sealed pack on:

1) How you should play it+ what is it really about
2) is it skilled based
3) what is goodddddd inside
4) blowout fuck stuff

so point 1 will be on how you should play it.

Hearing from some friends, the pack was designed to be about beatdown monsters and stuff where konami wants you to focus on summoning some big ass monster and control with it. That means there are less sacky shit and there is no heavy storm, dark  hole etc but reborn does exist (some cunt used DMOC + reborn :( on me  )

So, im gonna go into it as fast as i can because i hate typing and writing essays

1) how should you play it?

The first thing you should notice is card advantage isnt very important in this game. Sure you know your basics but then the main thing you should have are a balance of :

a) big monsters ! (if you open a pack and open a fkiing huge tribute monster like dmoc, barbaros machine king thingy, and superconductor tyrano, darklord desire take it!! its better than randy lvl 7 weaklings like brain crusher which i got unfortunately :(

b) attack boosters, or attack interruptors such as shrink, mirror wall , ego boost and alot of cards which i cant rmbr the name but you will encounter em.

c) protection+ stallers- this includes stuff such as waboku and shit

d) spellz  (which i got none except 1 shard of greed)

e) weeny monsters! these monsters are designed to be exceptionally good where they have recurring effects or they just cant be destroyed by battle. There are some really fucking broken weeny monsters.

Basically you summon monsters and grind and set backrow you exhaust everything. In this set, car carD isnt as good as an attack booster but reborn is still very good.

2) Was it skilled based?

yes and NO. in some points, the skill comes from deckbuilding and choosing what is good and what is not, and then integrating it for deck balance.

Also, the skill comes from how you summon monsters to block and set up for a situation where your opponent cant come back from.

For those who love grindy formats, you'll love this !!

But the contradictory part here is that advantage isnt as important despite it being a grindy format. AND the monsters are the stars of the game.

The part which is skillless involves you having to answer your opponent immediately to his monster, so basically if he summons a big ass and you have 2 backrow and a defence monster, he is forced to attack over you, and you are forced to answer to it immediately. It takes skill to plan your moves but its so autopilot after that since everything just plays out from there.. you cant really read or bluff your opponents set and stuff because you KNOW FOR SURE its a trap etc and you need to answer to it anyway.

It was definitely something fun and felt fun especially when you use blowout cards to win.

3) what is good inside!

1) darklord desire
2) obelisk the tormentor
3) dark magician of chaos
4) reborn
5) premature burial
6) aye iron
7) truckroid
8) ego boost
9) bazoo the soul eater
10) shocktopus
11) barbaros machine king thingy
12) reasoning
13) goblin attack force
14) steamroid
15) magical arm shield
16) cyber dragon
17) graceful charity
18) coth
19) metal reflect slime
20) copycat
21) cloning

what to avoid like the plaque

1) treeborn frog - sux shit with infnite backrow
2) brain crusher
3) airkkinight parshath
4) tiki trap monsters
5) weak monsters
6) magician of faith (unless u have reborn and u used it early game and draw her u sacky shit
7) card trooper - with 20 cards in ur deck, you dont exactly wanna mill your resources and 1900 is not impressive + takes alot of damage when it dies
8) card car d


Blowout cards

1) octopus - im not sure the name of the card but it was an octopus, and when its destroyed, you can equip to your opponents monster and its attack becomes 0 and position cant be unchanged. Pretty sick effect its like removal for any big monster since dark hole mirror force and torrential tribute and stuff doesnt exist. So, if you get it, USE IT.

2) aye iron- this card was given to me as a last card in the pack which no 1 wanted. I didnt read it until i build my deck. When i read it i was like fuck what is this thing its so broke. its a 1600 attack monster which lets u add 400 attack permanently if u didnt attack with it this turn.

what makes this such a blowout is that it is literally the best opener in the entire set especially if u open with it. It is imposibble to deal with it turn 1 because statistically, you would have drawn into some of your backrow cards. 2000 attack on first turn is pretty good + 400 every subsequent turn. If you get this card take it immediately !

3) truckroid- yes you heard me. truckroid. cards legit as fuck. at 1000 attack it doesnt seem much, but everytime it destroys something, the monster is equipped to truckroid and truckroid gains its attack. My truckroid ate 2 monsters and became 4200, and it ate a barbaros maching king, and became 4800 fuck yea.

With all the attack position changers truckroid is crazy!! Card is so good with octopus and no entry. Especially if your opponent overextended with his field and you open no entry and turn all attack stuff to defence. Which comes down to skill. No entry is like the torrential tribute in the set where you cant overextend too much if not all your stuff turns to defence and your opponent attacks over it. Also, most of the attack boosters dont work on your monsters in defence anyway so no entry is definitely a legit card.

4) mecha phantom beast hamstrat- yes thats right ! 2 free tokens is good i heard ! defence + tribute fodder.

This is basically all i can rmbr about this set and im sure all the ocg readers are bored as fuck. There is so much more which we never got to see / explore.

So, short tourney report:

r1: Yi

g1: I summon aye iron and rape
g2: he had infintie backrow where i had none so i just die after he time machine his big monster back.
g3: this was a very back and forth game where i was controlling until he dropped barbaros machine king. He controlled for a while before summoning DMOC + premature on his barbaros. I summon truckroid and with the help of octopus, i made truckroi 4800 attack but next turn he had earthquake to turn truckroid to def and i lost.


r2: Robin

g1: aye iron is good.slowly controlled + beatdown
g2: he summon a whole horde of monster and i lost
g3: its now my turn to summon monster horde + shard of greed !


r3: andy

g1- i breakthrough skill his steamroid and truckroid ate it with the help of a trap. next turn it ate his gilasuruas and he scooped
g2- i cant rmbr what happen but i controlled with shard of greed and backrow and some big monsters


so i went 2-1 in 3 round of swiss and the guy before me picked the obelisk :((

Also egyptian god is 1 per box and i ended up with shitty breakthrough skill (although its worth more money) :((((


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