Sunday, April 28, 2013

Another regionals report

I've run out of things to talk about for now., so i'll just go with another report.

Hopefully after all this i can go back to reading up on the OCG.

Asia Championship 2013 has just passed and congratz to:

2) Edsel from Phillipines for getting 3rd
3) Korea for winning the whole thing !

In case anybody doesn't know yet :

Master Key Beetle + deck lockdown + 1 trap = GG incarnate dragons

Do check out Yugioh Edition Singapore on FB for the awesome coverage!

At the same time, it is currently day 2 of YCS Lille and fellow group Complexity Card Gaming members Alpay and Joshua Schmidt are now in the top32, all the best to them !

As i'm typing this, i just got news, Alpay finished in the top 16, and Joshua is in the top 8!

For both the pages mentioned above, just type it in the search bar in FB

So back to the report:

Today the venue was held in a RSL club which i guess stands for sport and leisure club or something, which meant it was a proper and good venue, unlike the previous ones. So, there was ample space to walk around, large playing spaces, and most importantly good lighting and aircon.

There were 128 people joining today, which was just as big as the previous and im tired so im just gonna post the report:

Round 1:  Fire Fist

i won the die roll

Game 1 : he opened Abyss Dweller (how the fuck he know i using mermails?) but i somehow pull through and won

Game 2: He overextended into my Torrential tribute, we were topdecking, and we both made sick topdecks (he had tenki i had something else which i couldn't remember) but i won


Round 2: Six Samurai

i won the die roll

game 1: He wasted Solemn warning on my teus, and i just megalo and kill

game 2: This time he didn't want to waste his facedowns on my teus, so i summoned pike , knocked over the bottomless (why didn't he chain it?), played mst on his other backrow (which he kept touching meaning its obviously something good), and then otk


Round 3: Windups

he won the die roll

Game 1: he turn 1 D Fissure and car D, i cant remember what i did but i know i warning-ed his tour guide, and he had no monsters so i pulled through.

Game 2: I was very sure he was playing rabbit because no sign of WU in g1, so i sided in all the rabbit related bullshit and lost after he did the volcacharge combo

Game 3: Proper siding = win. cannot remember how.


Round 4: Mermail

i won the die roll

Game 1: He made Gachi then killed me with megalo + diva next turn

Game 2: I win somehow

Game 3: This was a very good game and had alot of grinding. Slowly played around his cards (he had advantage) until i had the advantage by a longshot. Won somehow because dweller + catastor > abystrite + bahamut + linde after i cleared his backrow.


Round 5: Dark World turbo

he won the die roll

Game 1: I swear i literally died when he had tour Guide, reborn, gates, card destruction, snow, a million dragged downs but somehow i won because he commited everything to his field and turbo-ed his deck and replenished my hand so i just destroy his field slowly, and his hand was all crap.

Game 2: He did the same thing and my hand was trash and i died.

Game 3: I forgot how i won


Round 6: Verz

he won the die roll

Game 1: He didn't have Ophion so i whacked past his Thunderbird into.... GORZ! He had Ophion , and i could clear the first lance, but he had the 2nd verz lance = GG

Game 2: I won because Mermail with Warning against the Ophion = ggverz

Game 3: The only legit game out of the 3. Very close call. He had like a big backrow and i had Heavy Storm but my hand was 1 leed 2 dragoons . Conserved the dragoons and then summoned infantry into diva and made gachi . Won because bahamut shark and friends are good.

The reason he lost is because he wasn't Sam and his Ophion doesnt stay on the field forever =(


Round 7: Chain Beat

He won the die roll

Game 1: Extremely nervous to play this match because i had no idea what the deck does, although the guy asked me some card opinions before the tournament but i couldn't give much constructive advice because i've no idea what it does. I overextend into Mirror Force (didn't expect this) and lost.

Game 2: Opened Diva into Catastor, set MST + dust tornado. He plays D Fissure and sets 2, and then I blow both his s/t, salvage back the stuff and just makes a field which he can't comeback from.

Game 3: I won in the end through grinding. Somehow all my game 3 ends up in some grind


Round 8: Windups

I win the die roll

Game 1: Mermail > windup

Game 2: He overextended his stuff into Shock Ruler and i Mirror Force then follow up with Storm ^^


Since this was a round robin tournament, i went undefeated and placed first and got that fire fist mat.

Decklist is as follows:

Added 3rd Infantry in the morning because i wanted to try it out.

Abyssturge is inside after sazabi performed stunts with it during our training session (kudos to SG best mermail for helping me up my game). I would much rather have a turge than a 3rd spike which means i can overextend my diva in turn 1.

PS: i wanted to run breakthrough skill but no one had any to lend out.

Sidedeck explanations:

1 gozen match because nobody had prideful roar/ knew what it does so i just threw it in to make it 15.

Malevolent catastrophe is inside because i never draw my sided backrow hate so more hate! It was good except i won without it, or it got MST-ed so...

The rest is very standard.

Good night people.


blackwingEX said...


nice :D
but for most matches to go into game 3 must be very taxing

mike said...

urmm not really. most game 1+ 2 completely favours either player, then game 3 was the only real game

EdseL said...

Wow thanks and congrats also in topping TCG-land! haha. show them who's boss using mermails :D

mike said...

Not as good as u getting 3rd in Asia championship and getting that sick mat ;)

random guy said...

i feel like an idiot asking but what is the volcacharge combo?

mike said...

volcasaurus + gaia dragon