Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Quitting Blogging

As some of you may or may not know, i've moved to sydney australia for my university life, hence it is harder to play yugioh, and also, it is hard to find time for blogging.

So, thus, i will just retire from blogging.

In a way, i will not being playing alot of yugioh, but i will still attend major events like regionals , if there are any nearby, and hopefully earn my Oceanics invite (invite to worlds, but have to compete with new zealand)

I may or may not play oceanics, depending on when it is.

Its great that it coincidentally is in sydney australia this year, and nationals will be held here too, which i may attend.

The thing is i may be moving to perth in july, due to a change of course. finance ftw, so if the dates clash, i highly doubt seeing myself flying all the way here just to play.

I will still keep up with yugioh, ocg especially, and play from time to time on DN, but i will be very low profile for the year, and probably the next 2 too, or possibly forever :)

Anyhow, i may occasionally post something once in a while, so do keep a lookout for it.

Thank you for standing by and reading the blog for the past few years, its been a pleasure to blog, although the quality of the content has been dropping exponentially, due to me having not much time, and not wanting to repeat myself alot.

I will not be doing shoutouts, people who have helped me in yugioh, been my good friends etc, i know you, and you know who you are too.

With that said, i will probably not delete the blog just in case i need it for future references/purposes.

This is really random, but this article on one of the other blogs was very interesting to read. If you have a fascination for mythology, like me, you may enjoy this:



MaJu V. said...

Good luck with the studies.
And no, you shouldn't delete it. You never know if you return to blogging after graduating. ;-)

Syncbeat said...

Oh wow, that is awesome that you will be at Sydney Nationals. I'm flying up from Melbourne and would be awesome as to meet you x) I am fairly sure it is in June, and Nationals and Oceanic WQ is on the same weekend (Friday and Saturday are Nats, Sunday is WQ)

mike said...

yeap i will prolly join nationals too even if i get my invite. time to troll ppl with bohdan temnyk ^^

RouRaito eRu said...


enjoy yourself there