Monday, February 18, 2013

mental drain and the cards that activate from hand

its no surprise: Konami released Soul Drain a while back before mermails and fire kings came into action, as a safety precaution.

Despite how much Konami is into raking cash, you gotta give credit to them for having the brains and the creativity. The game is in a much healthier state now. They solved the problem of bad card design by bringing in more overpowered cards to balance the other cards released. In a way, they upped the power creep.

Does this mean that there will be new archtypes that utilize hand activation effects?

So, it hates on hand traps.

Also, on a separate note:

Rose Archer
Send this card from hand to grave to activate. Negate the activation of an opponent's trap and destroy that card. This effect can be used during the opponent's turn. 

source: Yugioh Edition Singapore Facebook.

PS: total trauma after versus-ing prophecy with spellbook divine judgment. 2-0ed like a dog. Now it occurs to me the best way to destroy prophecy, is to play a fast deck which can outpace prophecy. Judgment is a very very good example of overpowered card design. This card is a whole new level of power creep. I dont expect many slower decks to be able to keep up with it, because 1 card can search out a dark core, a lance, and a tenken, and a rota.

Sure you can side in EEV, or Mind crush, but i feel playing something fast to otk through it is a much safer bet..... since one day of peace is gone trolol

Thats all for today.

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Boni said...

I use Droll and Lock Bird vs prophecy LOLOLOLOL