Wednesday, November 21, 2012

How the Blog Got Its Name

As im spending my time playing DN all day, i have 1 last tournament to play and so i'll just post something fun, in case any of you were wondering.

I set my blog up around February 2008 on a Chinese New Year's Eve and my 1st post was about Dark Simorgh.

My inspirations came from a Singaporean blog called Duel Society back in the day. It was amusing and fun to read the blog as there were daily updates, and it was nicely designed and the authors did an amazing work with the organizing of their texts as they highlighted and bracketed various cards according to their colour, for example monster: orange, spell : green etc.

At that time there were only 2 or 3 blogs around,1 of them was Duel Society, the other being Dueling Days and the 3rd was some other Singaporean blog too but i forgot what it was called. Back in the days, my source of Yugioh reference was TCGplayer (ya i know wtf right). Dueling Days was also very good, but i still found myself reading Duel Society more because it had many more updates but now the author has died lololol.

Slowly, after a long long time,  other blogs began to set up like Rauzes, Han Rui's Panda blog (another personal favorite too due to him posting pictures of decklists)

I chose the name dueling legacy not because i thought i was actually one (lol), but the first part of its name "dueling" was due to all the other blogs having the word "duel" or "dueling" in it. The other part "legacy" was actually a mistake to be honest because back in the days, an old OCG booster existed called "duelist legacy"

I actually wanted to keep the blog's name as duelist legacy but after setting up the blog domain, i found out it was dueling legacy and i was too lazy to make a new one so i just stuck with this one until now lolol.

I have managed to reach 400000+++ views and am very thankful to my readers for actually coming to view this blog lol.

On a side note.....

YCS seattle coverage was much better. I still feel how queer it is that TCG ppl are complaining that there is a conspiracy about the TCG pros as many were pitted against each other in the first few rounds. For example Jeff Jones VS Billy Brake round 1.

Then again according to Kris Perovics message (which apparently represented the TCG players' voice), Kris asked for more proper feature matches with ppl that were actually good, not random kids, players, or nobodies with queer decks, and now TCG players are complaining again ? Hmm?

Yet when they try to give exciting matches like those, ppl complain?

And why would Konami go all the way to pull down these TCG pros, Konami so free ah ?

Conclusion: The grass will always be greener elsewhere, lol.


CoLiN GouLiaN said...

Hi I'm still alive and kicking! trololololololol.

MaJu V. said...

4 years already? Wow :-O

Yeah, and don't mind the complaints of TCG players. They always complain, even if Konami actually does something about the complaints.

Konami took care of three big complaints (more reprints, less broken TCG exclusives and better feature matches) and the people now complain about too many reprints, no good TCG exclusives and conspiracies (*facepalm*)

mike said...

@ Colin - cya in spore !

@majuv- yeah man. Damn sad. Just goes to show. When Konami created a 1 deck format ppl complained. And now in a multiple deck format, ppl complain and they said 1 deck formats were better because the players were more consistent . Some guy on DN actually had the nerve to tell me that