Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The RFG Zone

I noticed several things about players when they play. Usually people always check their opponents graveyards to see if a card has been played or not, or to see how many pieces of a certain card your opponent has left in his deck.

But many people always forget about the removed from play zone. If you watch duel videos, you can notice that many people never touch the banished zone.

Sometimes maybe you forgot your opponent has a Veiler or a Damsel banished from BLS. Forgetting Veiler could end up with a mistake of calculating probability (anyone can do it, with college math), and forgetting Damsel is banished could get you in trouble with Leviar.


Michael Bonacini said...

I always considered the RFG zone as the second graveyard. Anyone who ignores it is just bad lol.

Also, irritates me when people flip their RFG zone upside down and hide it behind their grave. I need it to be visible!

mike said...

the more frustrating thing is that when they want to banish multiple cards at once. they would remove their grave, put one card on top, put the grave back, then realise they have more cards to banish and repeat slowly -.-