Sunday, July 22, 2012

Abyss Rising

Damn just gotta love Konami for printing more delicious rank 4s for Dino Rabbit Asia format to use.

Gagagigo- 2950 beatstick although vanilla. Very strong, and worth dedicating one space of DR AF extra deck to. Could be useful.

Rating: 7/10 (in terms of card design)

Gagaga Gunman- Nice generic card to play. Attack boost is always nice and its versatile with 2 effects so you'll never know when he'll come in handy.

Rating: 7/10 in DR decks with equal functionality to Photon Papillosasdfgh (9/10 in terms of general card design. Any monster that can be looped with Infernity is O.O)

Snowdust Giant- Decent card to overlay your Kabazauls into. Good for the mirror match. Reveal Kabazauls/ in hand Snowmans and decrease attack? Nifty too.

Rating: 7.5/10 very balanced card.


K'yde Ren said...

Gunman can be included in Six Sams Loop as well.

mike said...

Self touching begins now

Anonymous said...

Not only in Infernity and Six Samurai
Rabbit>Mechanicalchaser>Limiter Removal>7400>Gagaga Gunman>7400+800=8200