Friday, July 27, 2012

New loves

Bored of yugioh until I went on Facebook and saw Karlo Bonillos water deck. It looked interesting and exciting and it seemed fun so I'll be testing it out after my exams. The mermaid xyz is a beast and there's a searchable divine wrath and the field spell is like inZektor ladybug which is so strong :D and no we dont use the ice spirit thingy. All credits of the deck goes to him and more updates coming soon !

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Kahzel said...

I don't really like the Forgotten Continent build. I tried it, but most of the time it's just a dead draw while there's rarely the chance to Xyz something useful. In my opinion the decks advantage lies in the abuse of discarding WATER monsters while still gaining advantage through adding some other WATER monsters from deck/grave (Pike/Turge).
The Xyz part is nice, but the strenght of Mermails are swarming the field, while destroying everything in their way with Atlanteans effect.

Posted my decklist here: