Sunday, March 18, 2012

Asia Qualifier 2012 Post

Started the day early by waking up at 6 and then LGQ picked me shamir and andrew up to go to SG wang, I had alot of last minute borrowing and buying to do from various people.

Met some of my hometown friends there (about 7 or 8) so it was nice seeing them all again.

Kudos to Kyde for lending 90% of the things i needed to me.

Match started shortly after.

Round 1:
Vs Jonathan (don't really remember his name)
Deck Used: TGAA

Game 1:He won the die roll and he opened with Venus into Gachi Gachi. Opened without Hornet and didnt see it for a long time. One for One-ed his stuff and he Veiler mine and i did the same to his stuff like Warning Hyperion etc and exchanged damage

Revived Damsel with Call of the Haunted and equip Guaho and made Exastag to suck up his Gachi. We were left in topdecking mode. He topdeck Monster Reborn into Hyperion, and wiped out the remainder of my lifepoints.

So i was like okay, these things dont happen twice.

Game 2: Opened with green hand with 2 Veiler. I topdeck another Veiler. He summoned Sangan and poked me 4 times and summoned Venus but i threw veiler and set Bottomless.. Then i finally drew Gigamantis and summoned Hornet and equip it to kill Venus. then he got rid of it somehow. I set Veiler telegraphing. Next turn he topdeck Heavy Storm drop Junk Synchron and i threw 1 Veiler and then removed a ball in hand to drop Hyperion and killed me. Never saw a single Centipede or Damsel or a single maxx C, true story.

Joshua who was watching behind just laughed and keep shouting Mike scrubbed his first Asia. Sean who watched half of the game 2 also shook his head and said i could not do anything.

The guy who defeated me eventually went into top 20. I guess no one anticipated TG Agents.

Became very frustrated and emo cos of my luck. Somemore it is single elimination. When discussing with baha, he also told me it was bad format because he also often lost Game 1s and proceeded to win the following games. Edsel also said the same thing.

Kyde had it just as bad (in game 2) as i did as he got Royal tributed while holding a otk-potential hand with heavy storm twice out of 3 games by a random kid, who later beat zack and went into top 20 swiss and was later eliminated by LGQ, whereby the kid made 3 misplays and lost (check out his blog)

But the entire day was not a waste of time. Apart from getting experience, i got to socialize with my hometown friends, meet the Singapore gang and playtested with baha, while chatting with Rick and Ds

I cooled down later, and also got a lot of experience from there and learnt to accept my loss, and just enjoy the remainder of the day.
$200 from Baha's card box (actually its Clarence's :O )
Top 20.

LGQ VS Sean as you can see.

Blue checked shirt is Amir. Next to him is Sam with the cap and he was going against Parameswara (yes thats actually his name for those of you who are familiar with Malaysian history!)

Izzat is standing up onlooking the players.

Loner: Andrew VS Alex Yeo
Your top 8 players listed out:

Clarence VS Sam (Clarence let Sam go up)
Wai Loon VS Alex (Alex won)
Sean VS Shamir (Sean won)
Allen Chiew VS LGQ (LGQ won)

here is the breakdown of the decks in top 8:
4x Inzektor
1x Pure Hieroglyph
1x Hieroglyph Ninja (baha's build)
1x Gravekeeper
1x Agents

Sam- inzektor
Sean- inzektor
Shamir- inzektor
Alex- inzektor
Wai Loon- agents
Clarence- dragon Ninja
LGQ- dragons
Allen- gravekeeper

Top 4:
LGQ VS Sean (LGQ won)
Sam VS Alex (Alex let Sam go up)

3rd place fightoff:
Sean VS Alex (Alex won)

Sam VS LGQ ( Sam won)

Sean at 4th place
Alex at 3rd place
LGQ at 2nd place
Sam at 1st place
The playmat which LGQ lent me (he had 2)

A hearty congratulations to all the people who topped especially Sean + LGQ

After that we went to dinner and opened LGQ's GENF box. It had been ages (3 years?) since i opened a booster pack because i dont endorse boosters and prefer buying singles.

We were disappointed because there wasn't a revise in there but when i opened the last pack and slid up the last card we all saw the gleem of a silver text on a XYZ card. Ghost Rare FTW.

Card of the day? Car Car D hands down.

It nullifies Thunder Break's cost and having 3 Pot of Greed is too good. Just look at Sean and LGQ's match and Sam's matches.

When i was playing with Baha everytime i threw down Car D he would throw a response without thinking.

Impact of this Asia qualifier?
1) Everybody now realizes Sam is god, and yeah, gotta respect that guy.
2) Everyone will run 3 Car Car D now.
3) Car car D will be expensive (GAOV is out of stock in Malaysia)

God knows, it will probably be a SCR in TCG lol

edit: here is the list i played:

3 car car d
1 sangan (shouldnt have put this in)
2 veiler
1 gruff
1 gigamantis
3 centipede
3 hornet
3 damsel

3 duality
2 mst
1 foolish burial
1 heavy storm
1 allure
1 book of moon
1 monster reborn

2 fiendish chain
2 warning
2 torrential
3 call of haunted
2 thunder break
1 chain disappearance
1 solemn judgment

Gonna endure 3 months of torture by Joshua (the Judge who is both good and sohai) who will continuously tease me about yesterday.

Videos will be up shortly!


Dominic said...

Hahaha, better luck next time :)

mike said...

never gonna happen again

Sean said...

Hey bro, don't be downhearted. Luck may not be at your side this time but i will still acknowledge your skills. I know that you definitely deserve better results, better luck next time! :)

Anonymous said...

Link to LGQ's blog please...

Anonymous said...

Joshua Lee Got 4 picture, =.=
anyway the Card Car D gonna be a staple for all deck, better collect them all

Cookie said...


Clover said...

Y u take picture of my rabbit and maxx c! Lol

Anonymous said...

What was the door gift?

zzxiaoboizz aka pohseng said...

Hmm wad deck did andrew used?

mike said...

@ sean- thanks man. its okay.
@ poh seng- inzektor
@ clover- so it was yours..
@ anon- no door gift
@ anon 2- cos Joshua is a good and sohai judge
@ anon 3-
@ cookie- you want to know something?

Kyde said...

I will remember Royal Tribute for the rest of my life. Nice post.