Thursday, December 1, 2011

Who says OCG doesnt need Max C

Look at Insecters / Wind Up.

Look at mash deck of Insecter + Wind Up + Heart of Clear Water.

Watched Sam playtesting the deck on DN last night.

Max C is officially a side deck viable card. Junk Doppel's popularity is diminishing in Japan but is still doing well in South East Asia region but Insect Wind Up is gaining popularity everywhere. Buy one box of Order of Chaos, and you can play the deck instantly.


Speaking of Junk Dopple, i finally got down to testing GK Junk Doppel which Johann posted on Awesome Hazel Nuts blog. He told me the deck was good in real life, and i have read tourney reports about Daniel Ang topping with the deck, which gave me the reassurance that it was good.

Sick deck. All i can say is anybody playing Quickdraw variants in non Asia format should totally drop the whole lineup for this.

If you are playing Asia format, then of course this deck cant work la. But nobody really plays Asia format decks outside of the legal sanctioned tourneys anyways.

Adding Laval Chain to the whole mix makes so much difference to the deck. Having instant access to Foolish Burial changes everything. Being able to dump a card in the early game is so good. Being able to stack Debris or anything to the top of the deck is even better.

The fact that you added level 4 monsters changes the whole deck too. You can now maindeck rank 4 exceeds in your maindeck like Utopia and Steelswarm Roach. I tested the 2 and I had to say that i felt that Utopia should be mained solely for the fact that exceeding into it can kill opposing Roaches or Raiohs.

This makes the deck a LITTLE bit more TCG. GK Spy feels like a pseudo Tour Guide. Of course there is no way you can compare the current OCG engine to the TCG one of 3 Tour Guide and 3 Tengu but one of the perks of the TCG build is that it can go offensive and defensive anytime, meaning its versatility is excellent. You can sync and do shit or just control with Roach/ Raioh and Caius. The addition of Spy gives the deck a bit more versatility.

Of course the addition of cards like Zephyrus gives the deck alot of fun tricks. For example if my opponent attacks with Raioh, i can drop Tragodia and then next turn, discard Zephyrus to steal Raioh, change Trag's level to 4 and then exceed for Laval Chain.

I am still proxy-ing Chain because its still near unobtainable here. I didnt play the exact build that was posted on Johan's blog but it was adjusted to my own liking. For example, no Ehren cos i dont have such a card, and there is no Dustshoot because my luck with Dustshoot is bad. About 5 to 6 cards different all in all.

Thats all for today. Just started reading One Piece manga after exams cos i have too much time and i want my brains to rot.


Anonymous said...

U can't bounce xyz/synchros/fusions for zephyos. It must go back to the hand

mike said...
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FAKE said...

zephyros' bounce effect is a cost. you have to fulfill the cost effect in order to resolve it's effect. if you are unable to return a card to hand, it does not work since you can't statisfy the cost fulfillments.

compulsory is just a card that activates and resolves. no cost or anything, hence why it works.

mike said...

okay thanks for the notification. :)

Bahamut84 said...

Sam so fast go play inzecter after getting destroyed in our playtesting last night lolol

LGQ said...

I'm actually seeing a lot of player here playing asian tourney style 24/7 now. Its like we've given up on the promos as a whole.

I'm not sure if thats the case elsewhere, but itc quite common down here

mike said...

@ lgq- well kinda different here. i know places like singapore all play open all card legal tournaments but not sure about KL. dont tell me the doppel players have totally given up their quasars ! :O

sean still playing his chaos bf i think.

@ baha- no wonder la. so funny his mirror match on dn. both players keep summoning damsel into hornet.

Bahamut84 said...

You should see him play my plant synchro deck.

Ask for reborn he draw reborn, ask for avarice draw avarice.

Blessed maximum.

mike said...

lol he absorb all your luck away la!

LGQ said...

well, if u look at zack's team, and some minor team (not sure bout sung lee's team cause i don't see him aside from big tourneys), i see most of them focus on their official decks