Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tourney Report

Heard Sam won Top Shop tourney in Taiwan with Insecter Windup. Malaysia team also got second in Asia Team Tourney. Now Sam has every title except World Champion, although he has been to Worlds twice.

Congratulations to Malaysia for topping the whole event. Phillipines also did very well in the 2 tourneys whereby they got 1st for team, and 2nd for Top Shop

I had free time so wanted to chill out to play Yugioh. A friend of mine decided to pay the entry fee (rm 20) for me and i told him i'll give him whatever prize i won.

I went with Junk Doppel because i didnt have any Insecters. Price jumped to rm10 per rare. fucking bloodsuckers.

Round 1: VS Chok Chee Chung
Deck Used: Chaos Dragons

I forgot what happened. Dropped Tragoedia early and Quasar from there.

I forgot too but remember i had a bad hand but i had a DD Crow which i used to remove his REDMD so that Pulsar lost its target. Dropped either Gorz or Tragoedia soon and then later on Trishula ftw.


Round 2: VS Alex Chai
Deck Used: Machina Gadget

i dropped Tragoedia and control from there. Seriously Tragoedia is the MVP for the day. Keep getting him and Gorz in my games.

He control with 2 Ancient Gear Gadget Dragon which knocked over my Gorz.

I control with Trishula.


Round 3: VS Irwin
Deck Used: Ninja Dragons (slightly similar to LGQ's build)

I bait out all his traps one by one and then bait out the last Ninjutsu Super Transformation Art. Then Quasar FTW.

Bait out everything and damage and then win.


Round 4: VS :Lim Yi
Deck Used: Insecter

We were going into Top 4 already anyway. But still played it out for fun.

Raioh control. Attack into Ryko but it got Chaliced, then Insecter crazy combo ftw.

2nd game i didnt draw any sided cards fml. He Veiler my Junk Synchron so nothing i can do and when i tried to Call of the Haunted into Gorz to kill Damsel, he showed DD Crow.


Semi Finals: VS Seng Bong
Deck Used: Junk Doppel

He Quasar me in 2nd turn. I had to use Gorz and Trag to save myself, and lost alot of advantage, I Brionac it away but he called Shooting Star and BLS and he sync-ed the BLS away for something else which i forgot, but i stalled and eventually topdeck Monster Reborn and revive BLS and killed Shooting Star. He was forced to Black Rose me, but he topdecked Quickdraw Synchron and used it to wipe out the remaining 700 lp i had left. Very enjoyable game.

I early Maxx C and DD Crow away his Level Eater and his Spore one after another and then killed him somehow which i couldnt remember. Quasar FTW

Very exhilarating game. Tragoedia saved me. Was gonna make Quasar but i had one too many token on the field, and just sync Brionac, Drill Warrior, and Librarian and wipe out the remaining of his life points.


Finals: VS Insecter

Died first turn without sideboarding. Tried to do Librarian and friends but got Torrential, Hornet and Damsel rush is nightmare. His Damsel was immortal due to Heart of Clear Water.

Drew good, which i had Chain Disappearance, Crow, Junk Synchron, Doppel Warrior, Ryko, but he drew "shit" which was actually good for him. He summoned Raioh and when i Ryko he Veiler. Then he beat with Centipede and although he search for Damsel he never play it so i couldnt Chain Disappearance it. When i tried to Crow away his Hornet, he had another one. Emo.


Shameful score and died 1000 deaths to Insecters. Massive hatred now.

He could answer my stuff one after another. A mixture of bad luck, and his deck out playing every single card i had.

Result: 2nd place.

Overall result:

1st- Lim Yi. Insecters
2nd- Me. Junk Doppel
3rd- Juin Then. Dark World
4th- Seng Bong. Junk Doppel

Decklist is the one i used in KL.


2x kycoo
3x dd crow
2x maxx C
1x effect veiler
1x chaos sorcerer
1x mst
2x royal decree
2x chain disappearance
1x fairy wind

No rabbit ragia decks today so no snowmans.
No TGAA decks too so no Mind Crush, hence the side board is not modded against those decks

Won a mixture of foils and SCR Utopia. Gave them all away.

Should i bandwagon and play Insecters for the rest of the format? hmm, nah.


LGQ said...

rm10 per rare is a good price for me.

Btw, if I didn't remember wrong, Sam went to World Championship 4 times.

mike said...

over here, its consider makan us gao gao le.

its okay, i'll have to pick some up eventually.

4 times??? shiiit.