Sunday, December 18, 2011

Phoenix Wing Wind Blast

In the TCG, last time, when Heavy Storm was around, many decks ran minimal traps with Phoenix Wing Wind Blast, Torrential Tribute and Solemn Judgment. For example, the LADD era there or even some Monarch eras.

Its slowly gaining popularity as a trend now in the OCG with Heavy Storm.

For example, Sam took Top Shop Taiwan with 2 PWWB in his Insectors.

Phoenix Wing Wind Blast is a good card because if used correctly , it can be a +1 or a +2.

Take for instance, you discard a vital card from your hand to the grave for Wing Blast. Like maybe you have Spore, Dandy, or Hornet in hand.

This evens out the cost of discarding a card already because it helps you to put a dead card in hand which requires setup to the grave , where it can be live.

Or, you could discard another Mystic Shine Ball into the grave which is clogging your hand for it. Bi Xuan (Sazabi) took Top Shop Singapore with TG Agents maining 2 PWWB. Sometimes, you have too many TG Warwolf or TG Striker so it could help.

Jeff used a similar card to Wing Blast in his Junk Doppel, in Singapore Top Shop too. Raigeki Break may have been more useful for him at that time because it could get rid of threats like Dimension Fissure or other stuff for good.

Wing Blast can go as far as a +1 or +2. When you chain Wing Blast in response to another card that is crucial in a combo, and break that combo you have gained +1.

Lets say i am playing Junk Doppel. I summon Junk Synchron and special summon a level one tuner and drop Doppel to try to do Formula + Librarian. If my opponent chains Wing Blast to my Doppel it is a 1 for 1, assuming he has discarded something which benefited him like Hornet.

Then with nothing left to do this turn, next turn he will attack over my Junk Synchron and cause me to -1, meaning he will +1

Then on my turn i am forced to draw into Doppel Warrior which is a dead card in hand. My opponent would have picked up more momentum and controlled the field while i cannot even draw for options in my deck. That way, he has +2, and probably pushed for more damage.

My opponent can simply play around the card he has returned to my deck or be relaxed because the card that i have drawn is a dead card.

Lets say my opponent summons Rescue Rabbit and special summon 2 Kabazauls from their deck (everyone summons Kabazauls first to get rid of small fry in their deck), and then you Wing Blast away one Kabazauls. The other Kabazauls will be gone at the end of the turn, so you have just pulled off a one for one. Then next turn your opponent will draw crap and lose momentum and there is no Lagia.

There are other ways to plus one off your opponent too. Situations ranging from people who commit to their synchros/ xyzs, and you just PWWB it away.

Have you ever been Trap Dustshoot, and then Phoenix Wing Wind Blast simultaneously? I have not, but i can assure you it sucks to the max. Imagine getting Time Sealed all over again. No wonder Time Seal was banned.

PWWB can also do random stuff like aid in OTKs whereby you return spell/trap, or a monster on the field. Targeting Zenmaines and Gachi Gachi is also delicious.

Its overall a versatile card, and its similar to Raigeki Break, so you could look into its usage, and consider it as an option if your deck can accommodate it.

It is better off in a deck which is more aggressive and controlling , so that you can maintain absolute control over the field, while decks which are more combo based should play Raigeki Break so your opponent's big monsters don'-t get the better of you, or you can destroy that pesky Dimension Fissure which is messing with your combos.

That's all for today.


LightGrunty said...

Phoenix Wing Wind Blast does seem like a great card to use in theory, but you don't often have both it and a card you want to discard together in your hand. For example, let's look at a deck 40-card deck with five cards that you would want to discard and two Wing Blasts:

57.71% chance of opening with a card you want to discard.
28.08% chance of opening with a Wing Blast.

16.20% chance of opening with both.

That's about once every six duels. And, we have to consider that as the duel drags on, you'll have less cards that you'd be willing to discard. You just might not have the card to discard late game.

The psychological aspect of knowing that your opponent is set back for up to two turns is great and makes Wing Blast much better than Compulsory Evacuation Device at breaking up combos. Wing Blast is a good card, for sure, but it can be a dead draw, whereas Compulsory is almost never a dead draw. You have provided an interesting card to consider, though.

Bahamut84 said...

You can equip hornet from hand you know lol

Anyway Sam's deck is pretty much my deck list. There are multiple reasons for the PWWB in the deck aside from the usual general usage.

1) To discard a Windup, so that Rat have actual things to do when starting a combo

2) Do a one turn lock after doing the Hunter Discard loop which almost guarantees a win since its another free attack.

mike said...

@ LG- Very good explanation. Here is my side to the discussion:

Problem is that in decks like TGAA, you will almost never run out of discard options

and the same goes with OCG Junk Doppel because if you draw a Spore or Bulb mid or late game it will be a good option to discard.

Evacuation Device probably works better in the TCG but here in the OCG its slightly different.

the part where you can seal your opponent's next draw with a crap card totally rules :D

and oh your totally right about it being a dead draw sometimes. Sometimes you wish you had put in another Bottomless or Warning instead of it.

mike said...

@ Baha- editted. forgive me i tend to forget little things like that.

Thanks for the notes!

Clover said...

Raigeiki break is not so good in this format because of inzektors... Some of them even main lance to protect from such stuffs.

Imagine the scenario:
Opponent have damsel and hornet equipped...

If u had raigeiki break, you would have chosen to destroy damsel there's chance that ur opponent will chain lance.

But if u had PWWB, you would rather aim the hornet more than damsel which not only make ur opponent miss a turn of drawing but also prevent ur opponent from having hornet anywhere in hand or grave for that turn :D

mike said...

@ clover- haha yeah. problem is despite how good insectors are, there are few of them. like in top shop, only 1 representative chose to play a variant of insecter.

in malaysia, its similar. my locals only 1 insecter but he still win it all. When i last visited KL, there were few Insecters (or maybe they were hiding).

but your right about it being better against insecter. next turn whack their damsel dead. i also am playing pwwb over thunder break ;)

Anonymous said...

it was a good card during tele dad format but now it's time is gone
end of story people realized that cards without costs are better yet people still play warning huh pwwb during tele dad=solemn warning in this format soon people will realize solemn warning is trash and drop it for bottomless or black horn of heaven

Anonymous said...

the card is trash like solemn warning each of these cards had their formats tele dad, samurai, respectively nut now they suck

mike said...

i dont know which formats you two anons are from, but the post is referring to the SEA meta format here. please dont make fleeting comments if you did not know that yet. and yes, its good in Asia format.

if you are referring to the tcg, then yes its bad.

i cant believe you people say warning is trash. its the best counter trap since solemn judgment

Lamby said...

I personally have been testing PWWB mained in junk doppel recently. It's doing wonders for me no joke. The draw of the card to me is mainly two things, the fact that it has the versatility to hit any card on the field( and it doesnt "destroy", which is good this format imo)and more importantly if i dont send back a synchro or xyz i am basically able to plan one turn ahead how my opponent would play out his next turn due to the fact that his next draw is known.Informaiton is power. Being able to discard a plant combo piece or light/dark is a nice bonus of course.

Anonymous said...

how is solemn warning the best counter trap with 2000 cost while only killing a tking that can be reborned back while bottomless, d prison kills it forever? it sucks due to it's 2000 cost and if you wanna play against an aggro player you lose if you play this chain burn hahhaha.....

mike said...

2000 is nothing if you can control the game . tell me how you reborn a synchro, or an xyz, which was solemn warning-ed.

sorry no one plays chain burn around here. or in any ocg region.

FireThunder said...

Dear anon trolls,

Warning takes a bit of a hit only because of the threat of BLS eating the monster you negated and punching you in the head. But if you're a GOOD PLAYER, you negate game winning cards like BLS, Trishula, Miracle Fusion, Monster Reborn, or Laggia and find another way to deal to deal with Raioh.

Also, Chain Burn? That's still a thing?

Anonymous said...

really solemn warning sucks cuz it dies easily it kills you easily and the only good use for it in my opinion is tengu
i rarely see warning used on synchros mostly on thunderkings and reborn tengus
chain burn is big in tcg so it sucks honestly i would rather use pwwb on synchros than solemn warning those aren't good enuf reasons to play warning over no cost cards like d prison etc.
i would never compare solemn warning to judgment judgment is GOD while warning is an ant

mike said...

@ fire thunder- don't bother about him la. he probably cant afford ulti warnings only that's why he's complaining.

anyhow i don't know how this topic jump to solemn warning when its obviously pwwb being discussed.

they/ he exist on different wavelengths i clearly told him that i'm discussing ocg, cos this is an ocg blog, he go and mention tengu.