Monday, December 12, 2011


Reprint of Pot of Duality? Heart attack. But thats still okay, got mine cheap and served a good 2 years of usage.

Release of Wind Up Zenmaines? WTF. Konami really despo. Plus this set is too good. Who wouldnt buy a box. lol. Any newbie who buys one box automatically receives a good fraction of necessary staple cards a duelist should keep.

Best GS ever.

TG Agent Angel as the my official Asia Format deck.

Can expect a fuckload of the meta to be Insecters and TGAA.

Please dont do stupid things like print Tour Guide of Underworld or Tengu in the GS. The format already quite nice over here.

I really do expect OCG to have our own "underworld tour" card soon.

Still hope this is a troll.


Anonymous said...

I'll love Konami if the ocg gets tour guide in gold series, that way it'll get limited in march

mike said...

lol prior to whether ocg gets tour guide or not, it should be limited in tcg list nevertheless.