Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Someone asked what list i was using in KL.

2 doppel warrior
1 lonefire
1 glow up bulb
1 spore
1 dandylion
1 effect veiler
1 level eater
1 max c
1 card trooper
1 lyla
1 sangan
1 mystic tomato
2 ryko
1 debris dragon
2 quickdraw
2 junk synchron
2 tragoedia
1 gorz
1 chaos sorcerer
1 bls

1 rota
1 foolish burial
1 monster reborn
1 tuning
1 one for one
1 pot of avarice
1 dark hole
1 heavy storm
2 mst

2 bottomless trap hole
2 call of the haunted
1 torrential tribute

Max C mained was good. did not regret it. drew 6 to 7 cards vs insecters but didnt draw a gorz or any trags. bad luck.

1 veiler cos i hated drawing 2 and this was just a fun choice.

lyla > trooper , now that it is common

tomato is worth playing with sangan and level eater

rest is self explanatory

didnt run gk junk doppel. sure it is fun, but it dies to dragon, dark world and insecter.

dragon- big monster destroys gk spy #1, even though i have spy #2, how to xyz for laval chain.

dw- same. grapha beatdown

insecter- everything dies to this. lol.


on a side note. time to call the short printed cards in GS 2012.

my call is zenmaines and bls. usually the main feature card in the series is the short print.

if zenmaines is not a short print, and the actual short prints turn out to be bls and duality, i will laugh really loudly.


Anonymous said...

So whats in the extra deck and Side deck?
Can you tell us?

mike said...

i didnt use a side cos i didnt play in any tourney. just testing and gameplays.

extra is very much similar to normal decks you can see anywhere.