Sunday, December 11, 2011

Fruits of KL trip

Yugioh part of the KL trip so far. worthwhile? hell yes =)

Brought QD Doppel to KL to play. KL meta is very queer yet solid. Michael's Dragon Egg turbo and Wei Yann's different way of playing QD Doppel are good examples.

Tested with the pros today. Very good and worthwhile.

Tested with Karls insecters. Seriously too strong. kena tapao. lol. Ryko got Hornet-ed, and he let me draw 6 cards with Max C but no Tragoedia and Gorz. fml.

Without sideboard really hard to win. Tested with Michael Yaps Dragon Egg Turbo and its very consistent. REDMD plus Pulsar for loop. Not posting decklist cos i dont think i have the right to.

However it is good against Insecter. Wanna otk? Pulsars revival effect ruins everything. Big monster which cant be run over.

Wanna Hornet me to death? Pulsar annoying too.

Gonna have nice buffet breakfast tmr ciao!

PS: will still be in KL till Tuesday. KL life is really busy. i walked off all the calories i should have gained. walk to klcc and back everyday.

Good luck to Singapore team and Malaysia team in Taiwan! Lol @ Michael Yap went shopping today just for new stuff to wear there.


EdseL said...

Nice finds! Im the one envious now. :D

mike said...

haha! can help you find some more just pm me a list. btw there are no laval chains around. totally not many promos here. discuss when i get back.

Anonymous said...

what's your decklist look like? I'm running a junk/doppel of my own, and I may have found some new tech. Curious how the ocg runs it compared to TCG

mike said...

i'll have it posted up after the trip.

Anonymous said...

HI thx we will do our best at taiwan lol