Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sung Lee Cup Results

Held in Miri.

The Malaysian Asia top team consisting of Michael Yap, Tan Sung Lee and Chen Yau Sin participated.

No of participants: 20 +

Top 2:

Chong Jun Seng (Junk Doppel) VS Yek Tek King (WWBF)

Winner: Yek Tek King

Michael used Agents and Sung Lee with Dark World.

Top 8 consist of (in no particular order) :

Tan Sung Lee
Michael Yap
Chong Jun Seng
Yek Teck King
Kelvin Chan
Hii Lu Jeck
Last person unknown

1st place got a WHOLE duelist box. greatest prize support ever? (by Malaysian standards)

Just goes to show that East Malaysia Sarawak Yugioh doesnt suck =)


Anonymous said...

Thanks to Bintulu handcore coach, Summer Tea...^^


Raikoken07 said...

Amen to that bro. Amen to that.

LGQ said...

LOL, so Sung Lee cup wasn't a joke?

Bahamut84 said...

Why is the organiser allowed to join his own tournament lol.

Anonymous said...

Why you didnt enter the tournament ?? Too busy again ?

mike said...

@ anon 1- yes to summer tea... not you ^^

@lgq- apparently not. winner gets a whole frigging duelist box.

@ baha- cos he wanted to, and no one else objected. lol.

@ anon 2- duh im in the middle of spm now. not gonna fly there and forsake my bio and chemistry.

LGQ said...

michael and sung lee are both using their Asian Plus decks then?


Anonymous said...

i think the first anon is Summer Tea... he always end his comments with (....^^)