Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Darksoul Ultra, Maxx C NR, Boggart SR, Infern Barrier C

X Saber players got trolled ! hahahha luckily i sold off my sabers recently. Barrier common maybe because Archfiends cost a bunch here. But apart from them, the deck is dead cheap.

Dragonic Legion announced: Light and Dark support for dragon type monsters.

Dragons tier 1 finally!

GS probably gonna reprint BLS.

The 2 products complement each other, good marketting ventures, Konami. More $$ to you

Dont know why many Malaysian duelists around dont want to buy BLS now, because they think its gonna be reprint in the new SD.

I highly doubt it as its more likely gonna be reprinted in GS as a Normal Rare, which is still gonna be costly and cost rm100++ anyway, so you might as well get it now. lol

Thats all for today. Waiting for my Asian BLS!


Bahamut84 said...

So they would rather get chopped by soldier for a few more months lol

I will "lol" if the BLS reprint is in DT13 instead (as a normal rare of course).

mike said...

Ya, they prefer to get raped by soldier. strange mentality.

theres a good possibility for that happening! :)

obkung said...

sorry, but how to get BLS now in OCG?

mike said...

asl players/ go to shop ask frm vendors? lol

obkung said...

How? No only handful of guys have it in my country since the card last printed is what? 7 years ago.

mike said...

urmmm you dont have any old players or long term dealers? lol.

obkung said...

Not many of them are still in the game. And retailer boost the price to the point that noone will pay for it.

mike said...

i see then that is very hard. lol. here, we have old players, and vendors.

how much is it there?

you could try online shopping for it.

obkung said...

at least 2000 baht, I regretted selling it 7 years ago 555 I predicted that it will get banned so I sell it beforehand which it really get banned. I predicted it will get unbanned this month too but I couldn't find any shop who sold it then the ban list unveiled and the price is skyrocket.

Many players think that well no one has it and no one gonna buy better wait for reprint.