Friday, July 22, 2011

Random stuff

I noticed alot of ppl buying Cretosaurus (the SR dinosaur) and Ragias nowadays in Malaysia. I just want to point out Ragia is nothing like Shien and although it has the one time solemn judgment, its still pretty easy to play around (1000x easier than shi-en) and I'm sure all the sellers are happy buying Ragias cheap and selling them off for a high profit here.

I think the idea of a 1st turn Ragia from Rabbit is good, but its not so consistent, this has been proved by testing from Andew and Yung Kang.

I also think that Rabbit is crazily imbal, and tomorrow we will learn how to fully abuse Rabbit in its own deck (besides AKB from Clarence which looks good). Some of you may already know how to abuse Rabbit to the max, but we're taking it in a different direction tomorrow.

Now, i cant choose between BF or DW as my main deck for the remainder of the format. I know DW is a deck im good at, but I find BF so much more fun and so much more worthwhile. If there's anything like recreating the old format Yugioh, its using BF, cause the deck can allow so many mind games, and rewards skillful play and its great in the OCG where things arent Tengu derp Avarice derp.

My only problem with it is im paranoid about the DW matchup because DW totally wrecks BF (in my opinion). Maybe its just because my version is teched out for it with breakers and doesnt encourage overextension, but others are still playing over aggressive variants with goldd, sillva, and Raven. Which makes it so much easier for BF. However, im sceptical about the combo between Lightning and Grapha, and the speed of Gate.

I think i will go with BF for now and test, and just find out how to side effectively for DW. Which is actually easy. Crevice, Crow and end of story.

Speaking of DW, i feel Grapha is a lil overpowered and should be hit by the banlist in times to come. Its thousand times more powerful than Machina Fortress and Master Hyperion. I know each boss monster is searchable in some way but Grapha is a bit overboard with Gates, Broww, Snows, Dealings etc.

If you haven't checked out the finals videos, you can search here:

Though most have already seen the finals for national level tournaments with dw, i still think this one is watchable.

I swear my voice aint so low in real life. Iphone recording sucks.

Thats all for today. Grapha is broken if used correctly.


Bong 王 said...

I get what you mean, grapha IS broken! In my opinion, DW isn't that strong. As long as DW doesn't have a discard folder (DDD etc), they cannot activate their full potential. As you pointed out, Crevice and Crows totally kill them and not many would actually main imperial wall.

Nice vid. The last duel was UBER! xD

LGQ said...

Kycoo "I'm a beatstick and I hate meta decks"

mike said...

@ LGQ- problem with Kycoo is it can be run over easily in DW :(

@ Bong- thanks lol. but its very easy to obtain discard fodder or discard weapons (thru snow)