Sunday, July 10, 2011

My first tourney report ever!

whew first time you saw me post a tourney report! Its been 4 or 5 years since i joined a tourney.

Deck used: Dark World
Results: 1st
No of participants: i dont know. 13 or 14 or 15 somewhere around there.
Format: Swiss 4 rounds, cut to top 4.

There were so many Yugioh players in Kuching today. Total numbers are like 20+ although some didnt join the tourney as they felt their deck wasnt ready.

Basically its monthly tournament held here whenever the supplier for East Malaysia, Martin Wong heads down here each month.

This was my first time playing dark world.

First round: Face Dark World mirror match.
Player: Fadly Ng

I started the game with Morphing Jar and Dark World dealings and passed without doing anything. His hand was quite dead too as i used Eradicator Epidermic Virus at one point and saw his hand was mostly dead stuff. Forgot what happened but the match played on for quite a long while but i took the 1st match. I Crowed his Goldd. I also remember seeing his hand was clear of DW monsters and i used Card Destruction or DW Dealings (couldnt remember). MVP of the day is mained Crows.

Second round, he won because he started the game and set 2 or 3 cards. I couldn't do anything because my hand wasn't that good. He proceeded to summon Bronn and attack to drop Goldd. I drew , and my hand became playable but he dropped Eradicator Virus and i couldnt do anything.

Third round and time was called. We were given sudden death 5 rounds. I did Gate stuff, dropped 2 Graphas somehow and then Monster Reborn his Bronn, at the last minute to OTK 8100 lifepoints at one go (Gate was on the field)


Second Round: versus Hero Beat
Player: Dominic
First round he won because my hand was not that good (fck table shuffling) he had an early turn Raioh and followed up with Stratos for advantage once i cleared Raioh. He literally Solemn Judgment-ed my DW lightning which was a good move..

second round i got a good hand and did Lightning- Grapha stunts and Breaker. Told you Light Beat would GG vs DW. Controlled his whole back row with Grenkappa too.

3rd round same thing. It took a long time so time was called, and another 5 round sudden death was decided but i dropped him down to 2200 with my life at 5500 and just passed and he drew but he couldnt do anything with only 2 cards left so i won.

Third match: versus WWBF
Player: Nathaniel Lau

First round i noticed he had macro cosmos when i DW Lightning-ed it. so i asked him if he sided and he said yes. I was like =.= So match restart. I double Warninged his Shuras and Siroco because he had Warning. I did Grapha stunts. He summoned Blizzard but Crow FTW. and killed him with 2 Eradicator Epidermic Virus taking everything he had. Flipped Morphing Jar. He drew 4 spell/trap cards gg.

Second round i read BTH so i bait it out by summoning Grapha and when he chained, i resolved Eradicator Epidermic Virus again and saved Grapha. Crow-ed his Sirocco. Control from there. Summoned Beige Vanguard of Dark World over and over again to bring back Grapha.


Fourth match: VS Infernity
Player: Teck King Yek

We decided to not duel since we were both guaranteed in the top 4. He wanted to see the other 2 players first before we submitted our scores. The 1st and 4th would duel and the 2nd or 3rd will play.

Turns out the 2nd place player would be an Agent Angel Player and the 4th player was a Nordics (??) player. So he wanted Nordics, and i didn't find Agents a problem so i was like sure yeah.

So, we settled on 2-1 in my favour.

Semi Finals VS: Phua Yu Wee
Deck: Agent Angels
He opened up with Venus going into Gantetsu and i was like >.> I controlled his field with Breaker and DW Lightning and Grapha. I did alot of mind games here and there, and he dropped Kristia. I DW Dealings dropped Grapha, and he had 5 angels in his grave, and he couldnt do anything as i swarmed with stuff.

Second round I breaker-ed , MST-ed and Lightning and destroyed everything, did alot of Gate stunts and won.

It was really funny hearing Kevin saying oh no satan deck prevails the whole way.


Finals VS Infernity
Player: Teck King Yek

There will be a videos i think. I will upload them or post a link. I totally forgot what happened.

A quick recap: First match i won after quite a long time. I remember he dropped Steelswarm Roach and i destroyed it. I misplayed bad here because i monster reborned snow, cost it for Grapha and could have normal summoned Snow for game because he had 900 lp. Too tired >.>
However, still won next turn although he topdecked Infernity Archfiend i was like OMG. But I Crowed his stuff already so he couldnt abuse the stuff he searched. Remember that he Beetled into Gantetsu alot and that was really annoying.

Second match he started with a whole backrow full of stuff and i had not much answers to them, it was my turn to drop Inverse Roach but he got rid of it, i tried to use Gate for comeback because i had Broww and Grapha but he chained Infernity Break, GG

Third round was almost like 1st round i think but i controlled with Crevice and stuff. I remember using Duality to take Chain Disappearance and controlled with Warning BTH and DW monsters. Check video ! XD

First so took an Arcanite Magician and some boosters. Nothing much there.

Had to say my sidedeck today was the one that saved me.

Decklist (40 cards)

Monsters- 20
3 Grapha
3 Snow
3 Broww Huntsman of DW
1 Bronn Mad King of DW
2 Beiige Vanguard of DW
1 Scarr Scout of DW
1 Morphing Jar
1 Sangan
3 Breaker the Magic Warrior
2 DD Crow

Spells- 16
1 Allure of Darkness
1 Card Destruction
3 DW Dealings
3 Gate of DW
2 DW Lightning
3 Pot of Duality
1 Monster Reborn

Traps- 4
2 Solemn Warning
2 Eradicator Epidermic Virus

Extra deck quite irrelevant imo. I only touched my extra deck once.

Sideboard (15)

1 Greenkappa
2 Kycoo the Ghost Banisher
2 Nobleman of Crossout
1 Torrential Tribute
2 Skill Drain
2 Bottomless Trap Hole
2 Chain Disappearance
1 Crevice to DD
2 Dust Tornado

Should have replaced Drain with Light Imprisoning Mirror but that totally slipped my mind. The meta call thing was good.

ermmm so im not maining Torrential or Dark Hole because it is not practical and i do not need them. I had no space for them anyway.

I took out 2 BTH in favour of Crows the night before. Thank you Kyde for the reassurance as you were the only one awake at that time probably. They still came in really useful vs Light Beat and stuff.

I also cut out all the Goldds and Sillva bullcrap cos they clog alot. Replaced them with 2 Beiige which are 1000x better. Bronn is good because people dont really like to BTH him and i can just abuse him, and with Gate around he can run over Raioh at 2100 attack.

Three Dualities make the deck consistent and make my hands better. Similar to me running 3 Dualities in X Sabers. Also, thanks to LGQ who pointed it out or else i might have forgotten. They also make good fodder to side out. I usually side out 1 or 2 depending on the situation. Dualities help me get to my sided cards faster too.

Scarr is good because its a searcher so i dont lose anything since people keep thinking its a Morphing Jar. Scarr is easy food for Grapha's cost too. Its good to let it get destroyed, search Snoww, and next turn remove Scarr and discard Snoww for Gate's effect :)

Lastly, no Celri cos its bad.

Overall the deck is a really control build and doesnt focus on aggression at all although i only ran 4 traps.

Comments and feedback on the deck are welcome.

EEV is friggin imbal. Probably the only reason i will play DW for the rest of the format till we get Darksouls and Boggarts :)


Anonymous said...

Dark world definitely owns hero beat. I played hero beat against dark world in a local tournament and though i started strong with 4 backrow. He just lightning away stuff and then start to beat me down as he can just keep gate of darkworld for more draws and the deck has EEV to boot. :S

LFN said...

Interesting build, and good job on placing 1st :P

Reign-Beaux said...

Whoa...Nice build. Your deck is super consistent with all the draw engines. So, what was the entrance fee and prizes awarded? :)

mike said...

@Awesome hazelnnuts- it doesnt help eitherwhen you try to remove them from play but they have kycoo around :S

Thanks LFN and Reign Beaux. The entry fee was approximately $5 which is rm15. We got a Tournament Pack, a booster of EXVC (crap) and since i won i got an Arcanite. Will be switching it for a GR Chimerafortress soon or something of the same value

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


LGQ said...

nice, the prize is good too, here, we have so many tourneys, the organizers don't put out anything good. even nationals, they give you boxes that no one wants ( cyberdark impact ...)

mike said...

prize was okay. i got to switch for first edition OCG Monster Reborn SR version (no code) from the Volume series. omgomgomgomg

nationals sounds like a party for Paul to clear stock. Therefore if he organizes more tournaments, he will be more happy.

Anonymous said...

Would you say Breaker was a valuable card throughout the day?

mike said...

yeah it was very valuable.