Sunday, June 5, 2011

Updated decklist

3 Grapha
3 sillva
3 goldd
3 snow
3 broww
2 celri
1 morphing jar
1 sangan

3 dark world dealings
3 gate of dark world
1 card destruction
1 dark world lightning
2 dragged down into the grave
2 mst
1 monster reborn
1 dark hole
1 allure of darkness

2 solemn warning
2 bottomless trap hole
3 dark deal
2 dust tornado

Extra deck :

3 Tiras Keeper of Genesis

Tornado is good for control and i dont need Seven Tools of the Bandit because this deck doesnt fear Warning. Warning Grapha and it'll just come back again.

Warning anything else and i dont care. They'll just remove themselves.

Currently good success.

It currently still stands at 42 cards :/ probably gonna -1 tornado lol.


Hung Yih said...

List is out and oh my god! The deck is broken!

Anonymous said...

Me gusta esta idea, por completo con Ud soy conforme.