Friday, May 27, 2011

Discussing tech for Light Beat

Now that Light Beat has excess to Escuriado, Super Fusion, the spell speed 4 awesome godly card is going in 2s or 3s in each players deck, making it the most expensive deck to date in the OCG in M'sia.

While Escuriado is good because you can now fuse your opponent's monsters, many forget that it means you are free to run dark monster cards yourself because of miracle fusions.

I think the best tech is Spirit Reaper. Its a staller, and its presence alone already makes your opponent waste a Warning or Torrential just to destroy it.

Its easy to get through with Reaper because of how good Light Beat is at simplifying the field. It -1 your opponent, which is what Light Beat does best.

At the same time, Doomcalibur knights become liable too in Light Beat builds that do not run Skill Drain. Knight backed up by Warning, MST, and other face downs make a very intimidating field. It gets even better with Warning, meaning you dont have to force it to tribute itself the moment any effect is activated. I think. It still can tribute itself to negate an effect with Skill Drain on the field (cost and its counted as not on the field) but im not too sure on it , and i'll like some reconfirmation.

Lets not forget that if Darks are splashable in Light Beat (now should be called Hero Beat), if BLS gets unbanned guess which deck it goes well in :P

Light Beat will become <3

Im also gonna be running the lone copy of BLS in dark world. In case you haven noticed, i can get a light monster in the graveyard through Tyrus. Just a combination of Goldd or Silva will pave the way for BLS.

So, should BLS be unbanned? think again :)

I got my playset of Disigmas already and they are lovely =D getting 2 more soon and plannin to sell 4 for profit, and keep 1 Disigma, 2 Roaches, 3 Tyruses, 1 Levial, and 1 Terrabyte, which are the Exceeds you SHOULD waste your cash on not cup ramen stuff like Leviath (revise) Dragon.

i read on Shriek that TCG is getting their Inverse Roaches. Grats Grats. Raioh now in extra deck. Tried it out in Sabers. Mmmm

I also cant believe the 2 TCG exclusives are good. Orient Dragon is a generic level 6, and is very balanced. Sorta like Caius. Its effect is handy.

Adreus Keeper of Armagaedon is imbal too. Seriously? Tiras no.2? More support for DW. I need to get 2 or 3 :D Its effect isnt as good as Tiras, but it is instantaneous meaning you dont need to conduct your battle phase to get its effect off


LightGrunty said...

Well, as soon as an effect is activated, Doomcaliber Knight jumps on it and activates. You can always prevent the effect from activating with Solemn Warning against Monsters like Monarchs, Lonefire Blossom, or E-Hero Airman/Stratos, but if the effect activates, Doomcaliber Knight has to tribute itself immediately.

You're right about the interaction with Skill Drain. If your opponent wants to use the effect of a discarded Dark World Monster for instance, Doomcaliber Knight would tribute itself to negate it and resolve successfully, since Skill Drain won't work on it as it is not on the field.

I'm kind of excited for the TCG exclusives, but all of the good ones seem like they'll be Secret Rare. Same with Inverz Roach...

StitchStitch said...

Waaaa you make me feel like I need to get a light Gemini beat deck xD! It sounds too imba

mike said...

@ Stitch- its too exp

@ LG- well okay thx for the clearing up :) so it makes it slightly better only.

good luck guys with steelswarm roach. and adreus. adreus is like probably the best or second best exceed ever out there.