Friday, April 1, 2011

Trap Stun as a Medium for Summoning Gorz

BTW, this is Luna in the future in episode 154. Like finally no coconut tree haircut. Pretty good ending.

Gorz is good.

We all know that.

But one of the problems is a face down Warning.

But, one way to get out a good successful Gorz is to use Stun.

Setting 1x Stun on the field with nothing else, means your opponent would have Gorz on the last thing on his mind.

Once he declares an attack, Stun is chained, thus negating all sorts of possible traps (mostly only warning lol)

Gorz is special summoned successfully.

This play may seem abit off with wasting 2 cards to get out 2 cards.

However, its just something to think about since it can throw your opponent off guard, and has proved quite successful while testing.

BTW, learnt about a few weeks ago that Saber Hole can only negate inherent special summons not coherent ones. Meaning it cant negate Monster Reborn but only stuff like synchro summons etc much being like Raiou.

Total write-off. lol


Anonymous said...

jajaja summoning gorz like that is cool!

Anonymous said...

To bad we can't say the same for Leo >>

mike said...

Leo turned out to look like a Formula 1 car driver .. Formula synchron!

naMehTnoJ said...

Actually, you would only use 1 card to get 1 (2 if you count the token) card in the field.