Monday, April 11, 2011


Happened last Saturday. I was too tired and lazy to post about it.

Did alot of trading with some Sarawak players around and got alot of good trades which i could sell and profit off like sleeves.

I also got 3 Dragon Ravine, (slowly collecting for Dragonities), and managed to get myself extra 2 DD Crow and some Forbidden Lances.

Tested Frog Monarch and X Sabers.

Practically 3-0 ed Hero Beat, and went X-0 against Tech Genus. Played mirror match with X Sabrs and went 3-2. One game he drew Trunade, so i couldnt do anything of course. Had a perfect backrow. Second game was casual and i was just waiting for him to Black Rose him next turn. I tried but he chained Solemn i chained Tools, he chained his own Tools.

Seeing just about every game featured in Anaheim showed people chaining Seven Tools to Solemn Judgment to gain tempo and eventually win the game. Proves Tools > Stun

Overall quite satisfied with Sabers, with 3 Dualities around. Had to change the list to a more control build to fit in with the format. Afterall, the format is kind of an anti meta format (in TCG, GK and Hero Beat in top 2 in Anaheim) with GKs doing very well everywhere, and even grave BF is a pseudo-control-speed deck.

Frog Monarch 3-0 ed Hero Beat too, but then went 1-2 against Tech Genus. Guess I have some fixing to do. Mainly because he got out TG Power Gladiator and i didnt get a Monarch in hand for few turns.

Moral of story- can win games with Avenging Knight Parshath, Bora, or any card with piercing damage around. lol.

My teammate, Andrew entered yesterday's tourney in Sg Wang, and he did very very well with GKs (finals), showing the deck's potential in the OCG, which proved my point about GKs being a top dog in next week's tourney.

Afterall, GKs have an amazing game 1 , making it extremely good pick for the single elimination format.

Thats all for today.


Michael Bonacini said...

Avenging Knight Parshath? I'm lost... but yeah. Seven Tools is truly amazing.

mike said...

Those cards do piercing damage. Which, which is basically a direct attack, when they attack Frog and i had no monarch.

Im currently running 2 LADD which is great in my meta.

Oh well, OCG and TCG will be really different now that you guys get Reborn Tengu...