Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The best cards in the game right now

1) Monster Reborn

2) Royal Tribute

3) Gorz

4) Gateway of the Six

5) Giant Trunade

6) Book of Moon

7) Pot of Duality

8) Trishula

9) Brionac

10) Gemini Spark

Out of the top 10, at least two cards are themed deck cards, which show how good those decks are, and i do not think anybody has an objection to Royal Tribute being top 2, if not should be the best card in the game with instant Crush Card Virus status while being able to give the Gravekeeper player a chance to play around other spells and traps within their opponents hands.

Some of you may disagree, that it is not as good since it is theme-specific while some may argue that you have pulled off wins although you have been hit by Royal tribute at the start of the game. But we have to attribute 2 other important factors which are skill and luck, which you may have possessed both while you were playing. However, its undeniable that the average player will auto lose when they lose at least 3 monsters with Royal Tribute.

I put Monster Reborn at the top of my list because of how versatile it is, and if you ask me, aside from Royal Tribute, Monster Reborn will still be one of the "cards that wins games" this format.

Gorz is third, with no personal biasedness there because in the hands of a skilled player, Gorz is a lethal weapon, and it allows for many mind tricks, and alot of several other plays. Last format, i think i wrote about how one could benchmark the strength of one's setup by using the Gorz factor, and i still think its relevant for this format.

Gateway is fourth because there is an infinite things you could do with Gateway, including the infinite counter loop which leads to summoning Trishula infinitely per turn. Check Dueling Days Singapore Asian coverage for the combo.

Giant Trunade and Book of Moon come next because Giant Trunade wins games literally and turns your opponents entire field of defence to no defence. Many decks should still watch out for Giant Trunade, or pray your opponent doesnt draw a Trunade soon. Book of Moon is still as versatile as ever, and being at one, it is more important than before.

Pot of Duality is next because it adds consistency to decks that have never before been available to the game for a really really long time! Its balanced with its drawbacks, but then its price marks it as the most sought after card in the game right now. If i saw somebody selling Duality with at least 20% lower than standard price, i would buy it immediately to keep as an investment, or use it for trade fodder.

Trishula is still remarkable and if you ask me, nothing wrecks more than getting Trishula-ed. i see that TCG have access to triple Trishula so they are either very very unfortunate. Attacking each of your opponent's resources in 3 different places makes it a one of a kind, because some players could commit to the field but keep cards in their hands while some other players had to rely on the graveyard to work.

What puts Trishula on a different level with cards like Dark Armed Dragon is the fact that it destroys recources in more places than DAD. This makes it harder for your opponent to hide behind Gorz or Battle Fader, or get back in the game with Monster Reborn or Treeborn Frog in their graveyard.

Summoning Trishula successfully in late game always chalks up a win too. And Brionac too, for that matter, because in 9 out of ten games, that i summon Brionac, i will OTK. Im not sure if Brionac or Giant Trunade is healthy for the game, but i think they should stay because it provides at least some excitement.

Now i rank Gemini Spark in here too because it is usually a plus one when you chain it to something. Being able to destroy any one card on the field makes it the best removal card in the game. It also exchanges your E Hero Another Neos for a card so thats always good. Its more versatile now in this format without triple Book of Moon, so i guess Light Beat will be strong because of this card and because it can drop free 3300 attack monsters.

One more point is that Gemini Spark also evades Trap Stun, just like Book of Moon, which made Trap Stun obsolete last format. And it works like an Icarus Attack, so in the hands of a skilled player (cough cough Wong Fei Hung!), Light Beat will triumph in OCG based tourneys.

I did not put Effect Veiler in here because i do not think it is as versatile or as game changing as the above cards. However if there was a number 11 or 12 in the list, i would fit in Torrential Tribute and Effect Veiler.

Thanks for reading this filler post! =) For highschoolers in M'sia, happy holidays!


LGQ said...

I think one of those cards is miss spelled, it's spelled this way : Shi-En ...

U said...

Yea, I would have to agree. Nice job. Lets me know what to look out for lol

Michael Bonacini said...

I would put Solemn Warning at #6, but otherwise very accurate.

Gorz is also very good again :) It single handedly beats Six Samurai.

mike said...

@ LGQ- shi-ens good no doubt but i didnt feel it was generic enough to fit in here. Shi-en could be fit somewhere within the top 15 but i dont think it could beat stuff within this top 10.

@ U- thanks :) Main advice: see cheap Duality- buy invest and sell

@ MIke Bon- I didnt feel Warning was as versatile as Book of Moon. If not, maybe i would put it at number 10 somewhere.

I won many games against Samurai due to Gorz too. Shi-en just cant overpower in terms of attack strength.