Thursday, January 6, 2011

Unbanning of Heavy Storm?

No no, there's no news of that happening, but let's review the possibility of it being unbanned and some of its implications.

Of course I'm talking about Heavy Storm limited and Cold Wave banned.
The most obvious one is ppl will finally stop to set their whole hand on the field.

Personally i think it was a mistake to ever have Heavy Storm banned. And Cold Wave is 100x more broken.

Beat decks won't be so powerful anymore.

People going back to setting 1 to 2 face downs at the most, and it will be very easy to know if your oponent has Solemn Judgment (because no one sets full backrow without Solemn. No. Dont gimme crap like Dark Bribe, because its not seeing play)

Yugioh will go back to being conservative again. Except Fairies but they have Solemn Punishment. If the next format focuses on death to 6 sams, i can see Fairies being A rank or almost S rank deck because of Solemn Punishment (provided they run Sanctuary)

Debris Dandy will be more powerful with opponent playing only one or two backrow, but even that wrecks. However, Debris Dandy isn't even imbal now.

Destroying or stopping Six Sam from setting heavy backrow is good too. Very annoying with Warning and Book set at the back. But Magatama will be splashed =( and i hate magatama more than shien.

Good against BF too =) Now they can't overextend with set backrow. Which means playing against BF will take a long time, and it requires more skill than ever before, because they are trying to avoid your Heavy Storm and bait you into playing 2 or more cards, while you are trying to commit as few cards as possible to avoid Icarus. Which spells FUN.

Having opponents set only one to two cards each time is good too, as it will increase the effectiveness of Cyclone (MST) and Dust Tornado-ish cards. This is probably due to destroying their one and only card so you can just make the push.

Not like the games nowadays where stalemate happens when both players set full backrow and wait till someone has the balls to make the first attack/ big move/ push.

If Cold Wave is banned, it will stop the effectiveness of Black Rose Dragon and Hyunlei etc. But who cares, at least you dont stop using spells/ traps for 2 to 3 turns. Whereby only Gorz or Battle Fader can save you.

Unbanning of Heavy Storm will increase effectiveness of Effect Veiler. You need to stop your opponent from making a big push with their monsters. What better card then Veiler. Negating Faultroll, Caius, Kageki, Debris Dragon etc is good.

Of course i don't agree with people saying Imperial Order should be unbanned. Its a one for one and a "Royal Decree" which you can choose to deactivate anytime you want. 800 life points is still cheap, imo, as it reminds me of oppression in a way.

Thats all for today.

side note: helping friend sell 3x Pot of duality for rm 260. pretty cheap if you ask me. do the math yourself. about rm86.67 for one piece. compared to people selling 120 in KL and 100 in other places in semenanjung.


LFN said...

Unban would b nice, yes

mike said...

confirm will one ^^ if samurai not dead, i quit for the next format. (mostly cos of spm)

LGQ said...

No!! samurai don't die, they bloody kamikaze into you while screaming Nippon Banzai and explodes ...

oh ... wrong bunch of japanese ...

LGQ said...

If you wanna hit samurai , gate to 1 and matagama to 1. then they will be as scary as the japanese foot soldiers in World at War.

mike said...

lol yes but i was being more cruel so limit kizan instead of magatama.

do u feel my hatred now?

Michael Bonacini said...

(because no one sets full backrow without Solemn. No. Dont gimme crap like Dark Bribe, because its not seeing play)

I lol'd :D

I'm really praying for MST to 1 and Heavy Storm to 1. They balance each other out, forcing players to find a comfort zone in setting one or multiples, or none - all 3 of those options have a risk. Cold Wave being legal makes that situation irrelevant. How a player plays around Heavy Storm is one of the most skillful, um, skills, in all of Yugioh.

mike said...

@ LGQ- form 3 sejarah jepun dan imperialisme!!! that one is the airplane one that crashed into some ships and stuff. and my teacher let us watch pearl harbour :D

@ mike bon- seriously if i dint say that, there will be ppl telling me abt dark bribe and all that crap :D

Yes that would be best again.

this was a good and bad format. actually it was really good, even with cold wave, because there was no tier 0 (s class deck). and everything went well... till six samurai appeared and destroyed the whole format

(some may say BF were and always will be tier 0, but my guess is because those Shriek tourney BF player winners are just really skilled, much like adam corn, and maybe a high percentile of the decks there use BF)