Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Giant Rat

Replacing Super Nimble Mega Hamster in x sabers.

simply because it has a hell lot more targets?

sounds fine to me.

now i dont needa bother abt airbellum or dead draws with hamsters in late game when darksoul gets used up.

both go off 80 % because opponent attacks them.

hamster may look good big and field presence etc but i dont like it as it fills up 1 monster zone when im gonn make a big push with multiple faultrolls and gottoms emergency call.

also, if i flip hamster, i summon a monster face down but it cant be used for synchro summoning anyways so it doesnt matter much to me.


Anonymous said...

Jus cos u don't ve a hamster.... LAMO

mike said...

LOL i have 5 cos its common in OCG. epic fail.

Michael Bonacini said...

epic fail indeed >_<

would you be using giant rat along with 3 emmersblade? you kinda implied it, im just making sure

mike said...

@ mike bonacini- yes i think i am. although it sounds weird. but lack of 1 darksoul forces me to do so.

oh yeah it tests out fine. im still gonna switch it out for hamster now and then if i get the chance to even play yugioh anymore this month.

by next month, it wont matter anymore because well.. just needa wait for the banlist to be announced in mid feb.

what do you think?