Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Infernity and Frog Monarch

Guys, why aren't you playing them?

Infernity is no way near dead. Triple Trap Stun over triple Infenrnity Barier for OCG.

Also, Infernity Break is great to search out for Archfiend's last effect, lol.

I played my friend's new Infernity deck which even randomly splashed one copy of Infernity Force and one copy of Wave Motion Inferno to clear hand.

He now runs 2 to 3 One Hundred Eyes Dragon to remove Mirage and then special summon 2 more. Awesome.

Also, Infernity is the perfect day to summon Scar Red Nova Dragon! Its too easy.

Infernity still can spam the field with necromancer, Mirage and one Gun. Archfiend = good. Mirage is like Gun. So yeah, One Hundre Eyes FTW

Next up, Frog Monarch, i saw a post by Ice-Eyes on TCGplayer that Infenity and Frog builds are gone from the scene. Frog Monarch lost substitoad? Just run 3x Snowman , end of story.

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