Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Friggs Apple, and the storm of Ragnarok

Holy shit this set might be a meta definer....NOT. But there is still alot more support and i'm actually very excited for this set.

If the polar star beast thing for loki is decent, people may spam them like hell in their decks. Remember Blackwing Gale the Whirlwind?

If the tuner is good, anti meta decks will have fun with their trap recycling. LOL tune Snowman (3) and level 4 monster and a level 3 tuner for some immense Loki fun.

The weird Twilight of the Gods card is decent. I mean relinquish your card to opponent then set a card that can block off an attack and end phase you get Wrath of God effect? Wow.

But problem is that ppl can just sacrifice off your Polar God and end of story.

Friggs apple is decent, but is it as good as Gorz? Nahhh.

With Gorz you +1 , and with Gorz you are ensured a 2700 attack beatstick and you got another bitch to toy around with however you want.

And dude, Gorz vs Apple? Gorz win la....

Quickdraw Synchron is getting more and more versatile. Fleur De Chevalier is basically a Trap Stun. Of course nobody activates spell cards during their opponents turn and that is only usually MST but with the exception of some Gemini Sparks around. Still decent somehow but it got limited to use the effect during your turn only....

Gonna make X sabers soon whee! :D


Anonymous said...

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Exiro said...

And there's Book of Moon, of course.