Thursday, August 20, 2009

Meta Villages

Okay its been quite long since i posted and I know I dont post very often, and I just got my mouse back for a while, so I'll use the time to post. A post well done is its own satisfaction =) Today I'll be posting a decklist. Usually, I talk about the meta, and give some introduction as well as explain the synergy of the deck and what it can do in the meta and stuff and all the card uses but today the post wont be nearly as long as last time.

But first of all, this deck is based on the new banlist. Its a very unique deck if you ask me because it works like an anti-meta build, as well as being able to combine certain meta-focused cards inside. I first got this idea when I was viewing through HanRui's blog, and saw on his Fortune Lady deck. If you guessed Fortune Ladies, you're a bit off track, it has something to do with spellcasters, but certainly not the luck girls. Besides, I'm not a carly fanboy.

Now, time for the decklist.

Meta Village

3 Breaker the magic warrior
3 Crusader of Endymion
3 Skilled Dark Magician
2 Dark Magician
1 Summoner Monk
1 Dark Armed Dragon
2 Chaos Sorceror
2 Neo the Magic Swordsman

2 Allure of Darkness
3 Secret Village of the Spellcasters
3 Dimension Magic
2 Unity of Family
2 Book of Moon
1 Smashing Ground

2 Bottomless Trap hole
2 Dark Bribe
1 Solemn Judgment
1 Mirror Force
2 Dimensional Prison / Sakuretsu Armor
1 Divine Wrath
1 Call of the Haunted

Side deck:
Think of your own

Extra deck:
Dont need one

Of course, the point of this deck is to abuse Secret Village's totally cool and awesome effect. Your opponent cant play spell cards if you have magicians on your field, the idea is really appealing to me because you would have shut off totally 30 to 40% of your opponent's deck. Which is total advantage and super good.
To let the village stay on the field, a constant high attack, solid spellcaster needs to be there. So first of all, why not breaker? Konami didn't give him back to us to just throw in the album. He belongs here. He is quite a solid card with a great effect. He fits the theme right and also is a Dark monster, to complement Allure, DAD and Chaos Sorceror.

The inclusion of Crusader of Endymion is just for its attack and light status, which fuels Chaos Sorceror of course. If you can pull off his effect, its even better, since he is an added bonus and gives one card a magic counter. Breaker and skilled dark comes to mind and he also gets an hefty 600 attack point plus. Too awesome? I included a few random copies of Dark magician for fun, and for usage with skilled black mage. Black magician can be special summoned from deck hand or grave. So again, why not? Neo the Magic Swordsman is the only other light spellcaster i know who has considerable attack which is 1700. He is a common from the Yugi Starter deck.

The rest of the lineup should look quite normal. Two Dark Bribes replace the slots taken by the 2 solemn judgments. U can choose to fit in Sakuretsu armor to fit your budget. Unity of Family is even better since the whole deck does play only spellcasters! Except Dark armed dragon. But most of the time, once you drop Dark arm, you probably have game. Its almost impossible for your opponent to play a spell or trap (look at 3 breaker, 3 village, bribes, solemns!) The random tech of Divine Wrath is good because it discards Dark Magician and also negates monster effects- an effect that doesnt exist in another trap card besides GB war chariot.

Do note that I dont have any idea how this deck runs because I have no one to play with now and also that Im too busy to play or proxy a deck. Feel free to adapt the idea and then change some cards with other cards and make a better deck. How nice to see a deck like this become the next anti-meta, Of course, Im hoping for too much.

Ok I have to sign off now, ciao, enjoy the game and be ready for the new Meta!

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Neuxcharge said...

lol, Awesome deck ^_^

No, i kinda guessed it had to do with Crusader the moment i saw the village lol

Great post : )