Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Big Five

This post, I'm going to review to you all the Big 5 for the start of the new format. Later on, there are bound to be new decks coming out and making their presence. For now, this are the big fives:

1.Anti-meta control

Its no denying that the new format list caused the game to turn a little more control based and to rely more on skill. In turn, its not so much of a luck-based game anymore where OTKs ar potent. Furthermore, the game has become slower, and this just gives anti-meta builds a chance to shine. They control really well and its no doubt that they will probably take game 1 and probably game 2 if you do not side well.

2. Zombies

Zombies are naturally fast again. With Mezuki at two, its safe to say that the living dead are subjected to dominate the meta. With 3 Burial from different dimension, one can only understand why so. With the latest release of the MH cup 23 decklists, the top 8 consisted of about 3 or 4 zombie decks, one gladiator deck, a few Lightsworn builds, and a carefull built Arcanite cat based on Deep Sea Diva. With so many variations of zombie (even light undead and zombiecharge!) its time to pack those DimensionalFissures, D.D crow, and Retiari!

3. Graveyard vayu

The new restriction of Gale has caused the Blackwing deck to lose alot of power. All in all, blackwings have only about 15 runnable Blackwings and the rest of the deck must be packed with cards such as Gorz, Dark Creator, dark Armed Dragon and so on...Have no fear. Graveyard Vayu is even faster as vayu's tricks let it call out synchros faster than before and the new ruling lets it special summon Silver Wing the isolated. (since its considered special summon NOT synchro summon). Vayu has speed, and has 3 burial from the d.d backing him up for that.

4. Gladial Beasts.

While GB might have taken a hit with the restriction of solemn judgment, and rescue cat, its safe to say that the Dimension Forest variant is as strong as ever! Not to forget, GB hasnt actually lost much and the new restriction could be good as it lets them innovate more and test out new strategies. The new MH cup decklists' GB deck ran Rescue cat and Summoner Monk still with just one copy of Airbellum. Does that mean AKGB is still potent and dominant? Lets wait and see. No matter what, GB has survived how many formats and they are just gonna adapt to the changes and be an annoying deck to play against =)

5. Lightsworn

Last but not least, Lightsworn. One could say this is the best of the five but i disagree. LL has the strongest boss monster in Judgment dragon, 3 reinforcments of the light (charge of the light brigade) its undoubltly the fastest of the 5. But could it be the most inconsistent too? With the release of aurkus and ehren into OCG this is crazy. There are also Chaos Variants as they have access to Chaos sorceror, Dark Arm Dragon and I gotta say, thats one deck i fear to play against. Against Zombies or the mirror match, LL doesnt have to worry as they have got their hands on a very versatile old card in Fiend Comedian. Heads your opponent loses his graveyard. Tails you send cards from the deck to graveyard. Helpful much?
And this is my opinion on the best 5 decks in the OCG for the current format. Good luck beating them =)

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