Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Frog Porridge with Fishballs

I saw this deck in Baha's blog. really good. New FTK to play. Runs Fishborg Gunner. Seems damn consistent. Do see:)

Here's the decklist though:
Monster 18

[3] Fishborg Gunner
[3] Substitoad
[3] Death Frog
[3] Dupe Frog
[3] Demon Roar God Ruri
[3] Volcanic Bullet

Spell 22

[3] Seal of Heritage
[3] Pot of Avarice
[3] Hand Severing
[3] Dark World Dealing
[3] Upstart Goblin
[3] One for One
[2] Foolish Burial
[1] Card Destruction
[1] Card of Safe Return

Extra Deck

[3] Ice Barrier King Tiger Dewloren
[1] Dark Dive Bomber
[1] Power Tool Dragon
[1] Ice Barrier Dragon Brionac
[9] Insert any synchro you want here

(thanks to baha's blog)
And, today i got trashed by god bird attack (icarus attack). its really annoying. Never wanna see it again. Baha, i feel ur pain.

On a side story, i saw 2 dead birds today. One gutted by a cat, one lay on the pavement. Hope thats an omen that BlackWings are gonna die soon =P i never did like birds in my life.

Cant wait for Ally of Justice Decisive Arms. Looks awesome, and can be abused. AOJ cycle leader is the new card to side against LightSworn decks.

Im hungry for porridge!

Till next time, enjoy the game. ciao


nlanster said...
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nlanster said...

HI, any idea how does this OTK works?