Monday, June 8, 2009

The OCG: A deck to combat the current meta

AKB and synchro cat has been ruling far too long in my opinion. Even though i've been gone for so long i heard of its prowess and am amazed by how a random deck (it packs gravekeepers, n spellcasters with beast! call me mad!) can be so effective. I ask HanRui online from time to time about the meta and his answers all include Cat synchro Cat sycnchro-it just never ends!

So, i've been gone for a while, my fingers are stiff and my English probably sounds weird so here's to a new deck. A while ago, i was looking through HR's blog and found this deck: Forest GB. I looked through the deck and found out how amazing and powerful the deck was. Lets look through it: (note this isnt HR's build, its mine by changing a few cards :P)

11 monsters
3 King tiger Wanghu
2 GB laquari
1 GB Bestiari
1 GB darius
1 GB Murmillo
1 GB Hoplomus
2 GB Equeste

14 spells
3 Ancient Forest
3 Dimension Fissure
2 Book of moon
2 Burden of the mighty
2 Gladiator proving ground
1 Mystical space typhoon
1 Enemy Controller

15 traps
3 Bottomless Trap hole
1 mirror force
1 Torrential tribute
1 Trap dust shoot
3 Solemn Judgment
3 Gladiator war chariot
3 Dark Bribe

Now, the deck looks awesome doesnt it.

Cat synchro practically relies on 2 cards : cold wave and summon priest. Priest gets out the Cat. If cat dies or the airbbellum or priest dies, the deck dies. Cold wave negates the spells n traps waiting to kill the deck, u could almost say Cold wave is the main reason why the deck is so effective. Cold wave generally kills every anti meta deck 9since it shuts out even the face up spells n traps too)

As for Black wings, it pracically relies on one BW card summoned then the rest come down n swarm n tear us apart. Remember, if u destroy the BW that is summoned, the other Bora n Gales cant be special summoned anymore, unless they monster reborn it. (but wat r the odds to tat). Please, i know alot of people are gonna tell me they ahve Anti Reverse delta crow. let me say delta crow requires two or more blackwings on the field, And it only destroys face down spells/traps. If no BWs exist, there is no way tat delta crow can be activated.

On to the deck: the monster lineup is extremely simple. The GBs and Wanghu. Wanghu is simply amazing, it destroys Priest, Gale, Rescue cat and basically every small fry there is. The deck packs burden of the mighty to futher disrupt the opponent combos. heck even Sirocco and Elphine the Raven dies to it. Its ingenius. Wanghu is one of the best cards as it forces your opponent into that situation where he feels: oh my god, half my hand is shut down what can i do. It also puts your opponent into a feeling of panic and that panic n fear sometimes lead them to making mistakes and stupid n wasteful moves.

Some people may say what about Hoplomus and Murmillo! U have wanghu wont it die! Well the answer is simple, dont tag it out! besides if u set them first, Wanghu cant destroy them because his effects read monsters that are special summoned and normal summoned. If desperate times approach, u can tag out Murmillo let it die and then retrieve back to hand with Equeste's effect.

Now, the spell lineup: consists of 2 proving ground- Personally, i find 3 abit too many, because with 11 monsters in the deck u are guaranteed at least one to two monsters in your starting hand. 3 proving ground is abit too much and we'll have a sick time seeing the GBs in your hand too often. 3 Fissures are the bomb. Fissure stops Vayu the big Flag synchroing, Monster Reborn, Black bomber decks, and certainly it stops Cat. Pot of avarice cant retrive the monsters that were Synchroed. Meaning Airbellum wont be making a second trip back, cat will stay in hell where it belongs, and summon monks that were destroyed will die die die. Furtheremore, to make things merrier, cat requires it to be sent to the graveyard to call out 2 more cards, Fissure's effect stops that because all monsters sent to the graveyard are removed from play (this is a ruling statement) and if Cat cant work, the deck is dead.

2 book of moons are awesome and are just enough. Some people out there play 3 but i think its redundant and 2 are just sufficient. I dont need to blab on about its million uses. Next to Ancient forest! Is this card like awesome n the most compatible card with GB ever! it destroys all monsters that attack at the end of the battle phase! Gb will just tag in and be gone n it escapes forest's cost! While u r enjoying that, ur opponent will think twice about attacking and consider his moves! Another asset to force your opponent into one of those positions! =D and make those mistakes u just love =) Besides that it has a Swords of Revealing Light effect- turn face up effect. And the flip effects arent activated. I guess that makes it better if Gravekeepers Guard and Gravekeepers Spy is on the field. they are rendered useless.

Typhoon is mandatory. U dont wanna play heavy or trunade in this deck so typhoon is the ebst u can get, burden is simple. if u cant draw ancient forest, burden lowers the opponents attack points. and it works with wanghu. I knwo some people consider running forbidden chalice in here, but there's really no use. U already have 3 GB war chariots- what r u afraid of anymore, so i decided to run e-con. E con is superb, it does anything u want! U block out an attacking monster, or sac ur card to take tat powerful card on your opponent field tat can help u win the game!

Now the trap lineup..: 3 BTH is mandatory because it kills Blackwings and certainly kills Natural beast, and alot of otther cards. Sure it cant take out arcanite magician but it can kill those Airbellums that come out. (provided no cold wave- cold wave is the most annoying card ever!) Besides tat, wanghu takes care 0f the weaker monsters, n BTH rids u of the bigger ones:) total simplification of the game

3 dark bribes and solemns are musts. bribe takes out Cold wave! remember in a match against Cat syncrho, always save ur bribes and solemns for cold wave. but if u really need to use it use it! there are other cards u can draw to help u stop opponent next turn. Torrential is good, This deck only runs 11 monsters so the number of monsters on the field will probably be 1 to 2? if ur opponent calls out the whole gang of Blackwings or a whole horde of Airbellums dont hesitate to send them to hell. Mirror force is no different. Its good against anything.

Trap dustshoot is the second best trap card u could play ever! Taking a look in ur opponents hand and throw out a monster? Its broken, broken, broken. Every deck tat can play Dustshoot should play it. If u go up against GB forest or Dimension GB in a mirror match, take out their monsters n leave them with a hand of 5 or more spells n traps =P the last card in here is Gladial war chariot. Its simplifying the game. Remember if u have a hand of wanghu, a GB, and a chariot, dont hesitate to summmon the GB n set the chariot. Wanghu is important, but it can wait. Chariot can destroy a hundred more things tat Wanghu cant. But if u know ur opponent's hand(from dustshoot or if he is stupid enough to play with his hand shown) has Cold wave n at least a cat/priest (retrived from golden sarcophagus i suppose) then Wanghu is the better option. =P

Remember this deck is prepared to combat the current meta. Its success rate is probably 90% against cat synchro n maybe Blackwings. If u have a simple hand, ur opponent has a God hand, u can still win =) BUT. if u have a crappy hand or "one of those hands" then u might as well scoop. Again, ur hand is most likely to come out okay or great so nothing to worry about =) This deck puts your opponent into a situation where he has to think everything through and play conservatively. Everything he puts down, u have an answer. Soon, he'll just be topdecking to stay in the game while you have a consistent control field and at least another spell/trap drawn( 74- 75% chance there)

BTW, this is a budget deck for ppl like me (im a student) who has no money except trying to starve myself and save my pocket money or selling old YuGiOh cards to the lil noob kids. The 3 dark Bribes and 3 Burdens are included in the warrior deck.
Till next time, play fair, and sit back and enjoy the game,

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