Saturday, November 29, 2008

Anybody who thinks GB is slow had better think again.

Ok i know this is weird. For so long i have been ranting on abt hating Gb and stuff like that. Well, i've decided that its not right and quite unfair and i apologised if i had garnered any negative feelings from you guys towards me(especially ron here :(

To start things off i took off that stupid anti-GB pic at the side and to start things off i would like to apologise for my absence for quite a while. There was a debate competition to prepare for a few weeks ago and i dint have time to blog (but 2nd place wasnt bad at all :D ) Then after school has ended (it was onli like a week or two ago) Then stuff like dinners and farewell parties came up and i found myself busy. Then last week i went out alot and was quite bored of YGO and got lazy so i lost my blogging mood. I was gonna do it this week but comp kept shutting down everytime i came to this blog but its fixed now (: and on thursday i caught a stupid highfever fortunately im all good now (: so let the post begin!

Gladiator beasts in this format has lost out and has lost its reputation as the number one deck to Dark decks and zombie decks. Now more new anti-meta decks has come up and i think GB isnt the storngest anymore. Now it has resorted to even running royal oppresion in it (some decks in japan do) and i think thats not the right thing to do. Honestly, its a great control tool and the problem is why cant it beat tele-DAD or undead syncro or Kintele undead deck? Is it because that it has lost its control? Certainyly not! With all sort of cards such as e-con, book of moon and shrink and cold wave this deck is still top notch at contorlling. However the problem identified here is the speed of the decks. Even lightlords is faster than this deck! Long ago prisma+test tiger usually means a win but its nt like this this format things changed.

Now what if, WHAT IF Gb could draw four cards a turn? Yes four cards a turn! Or sometimes even more ? that way it should have no problem comparing with the dark decks. With an ability to access to up to 4 cards a turn there shld be no problem to acquire the cards needed to play the dec k effectively. You can access ur contorl spells, ur chariot, ur eveything easily.

Now u may all be asking how its possible to get 4 cards a turn? Some players will have probably thought already oh okay there is GB respite. Thats right. the 4 cards are drawn accordingly:
a) 1st card= draw phase
b) 2nd to fourth card= GB respite.

Now everybody is probably thinking how are u gonna access respite and 2 GB? The current tourney GB in japan runs onli abt 14 monsters whrere onli 9 to 10 are GBs. How is it possible to access these cards?

The solution comes with the new GB Samnite card which is a commmon in the newly released Crimson Crisis booster pack. Samnite has 1600 attack (not too shabby =/ )and has the ability to take a card from ur deck with the words GLADIAL BEAST but can only do this is HE DESTROYS A MONSTER IN BATTLE. Now this is a harder cost but , BUT with shrinks, book of moons and enemy controllers it can certainly do its job.

In this combo samnite is used to attack and then add ur respite to ur hand. Then u might think that it hard to access this combo but its actually incredibly easy it needs only a few turns to pull off the combo. Once the combo is played once and respite is in the graveyard then basically everything is order unless there is DD crow. Ur chances of opening with at least 2 GB in ur hand are pretty big because 14+ 3 (the 3 comes from proving ground) so yea its pretty much easy to use.

Although Samnite gets its effect only the next turn (other Gbs get their effects immediately but then Samnite gets it only when it destroys a monster in battle but there is test tiger right?)

So the combo is basically using Samnite and equeste
In the combo Samnite is used to retrive:
a) more GB from ur deck to fullfill the requirement of respite
b) fetch respite

Equeste is for:
a) fetching respite in the grave
b) fetching GB from ur grave that is dead to return to ur hand n recycle

The great part abt this combo is that sometimes u will be summoning out double samnite or double equeste.

Maintain a great control over the playing field and i guarantee that u will have an excellent draw 4 everyturn. U have wabokus and everything to protect u rite? So its awesome... Besides if u r worried abt dd crows simply maindeck royal iron wall or kycooo the ghost banisher. Its a great sacrifice to relinquish Raiou though because he stops samnite's effect altogether and this is a contradiction in the deck which is what we do not want. raiou can stop the special summons but with 4 cards in ur hand most of the time its not hard to take care of the monsters ur oppoinent summoned right? Its a risky choice to make in GB but it may be what GB needs to get its head back in the game. here is a mock decklist which no one has ever testdecked on and its a rough idea of how a deck using the samnite+equeste+respite combo will look like

Monsters (18)
3 Gladial beast bestiari
2 Gladial Beast laquer
3 Gladial beast samnite
3 Gladial beast Equeste
2 rescue cat
3 test tigers
2 Kycoo the ghost destroyer

3 Gladial proving ground
2 Gladial beast respite
2 book of moon
3 shrink
3 emnemy controller

traps (10)
2 bottomless trap hole
2 waboku
3 solemn judgment
3 Gladiatopr chariot

Ps: Do feel free to change the tech cards im sure there r better ones! ^.^

I have never played GB deck before and i havent been keeping up with my daily dosage of ygo =/ n i think i better pop to shriek's YGO OCG news and check for the tourney decklists of Japan and see the current trend =/ Michael signing off and i do hope this article can pop some new ideas into making new GB. BTW as im writing this i just saw some off the decklists on YGO OCG NEWS seems like old Dark Arm Return deck is making a comeback so maybe old style GB can? i dont know. Innovation is the key.

Ps: i think i go find some GB cards n try to start playing the deck more la

off topic: Life coordinator ( CRMS-JP026) is quite a good side deck card to kill Dark dive bomber crazed decks ^^


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