Saturday, February 2, 2008

Playing style redefined??????

Now, some rule changes and Starter Deck 2008
RULES:1. New Expert Rule --> Master Rule (マスタールール)
2. Sacrifice Summon --> Advance Summon (アドヴァンス召喚)
3. Cost of all type --> Release (リリース)
4. Fusion Deck --> Extra Deck (エクストラデッキ) - Also a limit of 15 cards max
5. Side Deck can now be 0 ~ 15 cards (was MUST be 15 cards and MUST have side)
6. Synchron Monsters (シンクロ)
6a. Color of the card: White
6b. They are put in the Extra Deck
6c. Can be special summon when the total level of the specific Tuner monster and other monsters match the levl of the Synchron monster
7. Tuner Monster: チューナー
7a. Acts as special summoning requirement for Synchron monster
7b. Acts as effect monsters
Starter Deck 2008 cards:
New:Junk Synchron (ジャンク・シンクロン)Dark/Warrior - Tuner/3/1300/?When this card is successfully Summoned, special summon a monster with level 2 or less from your Graveyard in face-up defense mode. Negate the effect of the monster special summoned by this effect.

Junk Warrior (ジャンク・ウォリアー)Dark/Warrior - Synchron/5/2300/1300[Junk Synchron] + A non-Tuner monsterIncrease this monster's attack strength b the total attack strength of all face-up monsters with level 2 or less on your field.

Speed Warrior (スピード・ウォリアー)Wind/Warrior/2/900/300This monster's effect can only be activate on the turn its successfully summoned. You can double the attack strength of this monster during Battle Phase.

These are the new cards that are going to be released in the starter deck 2008. of course these cards are of the new rule element . a synchro monster is put in the extra deck. Lol now we will have 4 decks. main deck, fusion, side deck and now this extra deck. Time to find big big deckbox. Lol.
well, this junk synchro monster is a good card in a sort if way. level 3 means this card will not be affected by level limit area b or gravity bind. yet it does suxk a bit also. yes, it does give a +1 since u get a free monster but it must be a level 2 or one monster. now not many level 2 or 1 cards are formidable yet to say solid. the best card to reborn would be destiny hero discguy. but the effect of the card is negated due to junk synchro effect. so sorry guys, no diskguy abuse. well, being able to summon a synchro monster does give a plus one card advantage too . but, thats all. this synchro cards will not hit the competitive side yet but it can be a fun deck to play with since you can activate thousand energy to boost up their attack with.
Maybe more support in the next few sets will be what we need to make the synchros tier one. but till then, i see these cards just left aside in the binder or extra cards pile to collect dust.

Thats all for this article . well, remember play fair and have fun.

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