Saturday, July 12, 2014

Japanese Hero Lists

So quite alot of cool hero variants have popped up in Japan. These lists are all translated by the org and can be found here:

Just a short post today although I will debunk some of the techs that they are using, as i've tested most of them.

Elemental HERO Stratos
Elemental HERO Shadow Mist
Elemental HERO Bubbleman
Summoner Monk
Tin Goldfish
1) Goblin bird- I used to test one of this card as a one-of in pure heroes because it made in-hand shadow mists live and instantly nets you a dark law. It can also make a 1 card rank 4 with either mist/airman as both cards replace themselves. Very solid card however its drawbacks are that if you arent using it for a rank 4, placing it in defence means you lose 1 card (usually itself) to a monster, and using a trap to protect goblinbird is a terrible strategy.
2) Tin Goldfish- cool overall and a better goblinbird. However not ROTA searchable. 
1) E Hero Ocean- bad card end of story.
2) Warrior returning alive- never tested it. seems cool. Another r4 centric deck since returning bubbleman is the main strategy. This deck seems like it would clog with monster hands.
1) Trap trix mermelo- tested this as a 1-of in the beta stages of the deck. Being an MST / ROTA seemed really really solid and its clear that this card was designed after airman. However at times it could get really really underwhelming past turn 1.

As VERZ returns into the meta with its ability to play floodgates and its monsters being inherently bigger than heroes/ tella's, it seems that hero hands could be a good meta call going into any event, as hands are a huge power play and the deck having an easier time placing monsters in the grave to abuse with soul charge. Its disadvantages would be a first turn dark law which relies on you having to draw a trap to deal with it, or to pray your opponent doesnt have a trap to deal with your r4 combo to out dark law.

Destiny Heroes are really solid atm too due to the speed the deck has, however its main problem is playing cards like destiny draw + diamond dude. Its a 2 card combo which is equivalent to trade in+ blue eyes, or consonance + tuner whereby drawing 1 or the other results in a dead draw. Luckily the deck searches the dheroes quite efficiently, and its saving grace is that diamond dude alone isnt as bad of a terrible draw like bewd without ravine, or dragon tuner without a ruler, as you can pair it off with a bubbleman, or HC halberd etc. However, would you really rely on this strategy since its flaws are fairly obvious? 
Most of the sidedecks resembled what i have been testing for a while being 2-3 dprison, 3 royal commands, 1-2 s/t destroyers, and a combination of either super poly/ maxx c / raiou etc.  
It also really peeves me how some of those decks can play hero alive together with soul charge, they conflict way too often to prove to be a consistent strategy, altho hero lives can be conserved as a last resort power card to get out a dark law, but regardless, it still conflicts way too often. 


obkung said...

yeah I agree. I think Hero Hands is the way to go but I don't know how long it will last since hands pretty much did nothing to qliphoth

mike9944 said...

funny how i was just gonna make a post on those cards !

mike9944 said...

funny how i was just gonna make a post on those cards !