Thursday, February 20, 2014


So this short article has been long overdue. Was supposed to write it last weekend, but after having to pack and prepare for my flight back to Perth on Monday, i arrived in Perth tired and was busy for the last few nights.

Usually, i would be quite neutral on reviews like this, because Michael Bonacini (DeathAspect) would usually review/write/ comment on topics like this such as Occupy Ygo or the Kristopher Perovic article.

This topic has garnered quite alot of attention lately on the internet among the Yugioh community, especially on DGz.

Alot of people are saying stuff like "its not worth it", "its not worth the money etc", and TBH, i don't actually know if its worth the $.

Josh has showed me a small part of the article he wrote and TBH its pretty good just like Hoban's writing and definitely surpasses mine and any of the other bloggers'.

Like the content is definitely pretty good, and it can definitely help you become better.

However the expensive cost could be due to the fact that he has to pay others who have helped him promote the video/package (i.e: yugitubers) and to pay for the domain of his website.

I am not completely clear on what the package comprises of besides what the ORG has posted on which is 3 videos and 1 article. There have been talks on expanding onto FB and creating groups where good players help the players who purchased this. IMO, that's a good idea, because a fastway to get good at YGO is to have the best help you out. 

The ORG review (particularly Earl's part) was quite harsh. I honestly dont think its that bad, and alot of times, once you watch the videos, after understanding what was said, you tend to think "oh i know that" when you actually didn't, and just realized it after watching. So, i would give Josh the benefit of a doubt. (Not calling earl out on anything).

Its up to you if you think 97$ is a good investment. Personally i would never spend that much $ on YGO advice considering most of it is free from blogs/ youtube/ forums/ and just having good networking skills. Spending 97$ to get into the circle seems to be taking a shortcut, which is not neccessarily a bad thing.

My advice is to get a group of friends maybe 10+ or so chip in to buy the product and see how good it actually is, as it seems like the most reasonable option.

This short article is probably very redundant but its just me telling you guys that its not as bad as it seems. Josh Grahams past, and his intentions for the product (whether it is to help/ or to make $) should not be a concern before buying this product. If i wanna get better, i dont care about petty stuff like that, as people are making a fuss over the wrong issue.


Michael Bonacini said...

Interesting how after the ORG / Earl did their reviews, Josh seems to have disappeared from the subject.

Free information + networking is much better than $97. It's not that hard to become friends with "better" players.

mike9944 said...

Yup I noticed too.

blackwingEX said...

Where is the ne TCG banlist? Or am I missing something?