Thursday, October 31, 2013

mythic ruler build + explanations for differing ocg card choices

So, alot of people have been asking and just last night a german friend was asking me why the tcg and ocg builds were so different. They pointed out these differences:

1) lack of debris dragons
2) presence of dragon shrines
3) no trigon/ kodomo dragon combo

well, the 1st thing is that in ocg, mermail is a very fast deck, and can easily outpace dragons. Thus, the focus on terraforming, and ancient fairy is very bad because those cards will just get Infantried and cleared very easily.

Imagine if you play vs mermail and you open a hand of terraforming ravine, big dragon, and you cant make a play and they just outswarm you turn 2, you auto lose. Thus if you are running shrine instead of terra, you get to make a big play. Furthermore, with cards like dragon ice + infantry combo from mermail, you are forced to have a follow up play when your main one gets disrupted.

Due to that, shrine is run in multiples and the trigon combo is just underhwelming. Other decks like firefist and verz are almost similar so i can atribute it to this mainly. In the mirror, you want to be able to access your colours asap too.

So, debris dragon is cut too, since there is no trigon combo to focus on afd. In fact, most japanese builds run few traps (some run lots too as they believe in player preference i assume), so using debris on a guard means you will synchro with guard and debris will become a blader target.

Now to discuss my tcg mythic dragon build.

I had a few testing games with Muci (german player) and discussion with Gruner last night and this build tested to be pretty good.

12 druler
3 maxx c
1 battle fader
1 corsesca
2 debris
1 kodomo dragon
2 flamvell guard
1 mythic wood
1 mythic water

2 shrine
3 ravine
3 sword
1 mst

1 6 sense
1 rftdd
1 compuls
1 warning
2 pwwb
1 torrential
1 trap stun

1 stardust
1 crimson
1 afd
1 brd
1 colossal
1 scrap
1 zera
1 star eater
2 dragosack
1 big eye
1 gk pearl
1 terror fang dire wolf
1 felgrand
1 draggluong

the maindeck is very simple, you dont run any unnecessary cards so that it doesnt affect the consistency. Mythics are generally only used vs rogue matchups and usually sided out in g2/3 in mirror. Mythics are horrible to draw, and serve as a liability when you banish your tidal and redox. However, running the 2 shrines (or more) nullifies the fact. If you run mythics with consonance you just flat out lose because of dead draws.

Shrine gives you leverage in the mirror in case u open with the shitty water mythic so that you dont flatout lose. Combine that with Maxxc  or a protection trap and you're good to go. You basically only use it to make draggluong in the mirror which theoretically is nuts as its another big eye which cant be blader-ed and also an effect veiler for their dragons, unless you can otk with felgrand.

Ps: im not running stardust radiance because it isnt legal in my area and i usually test with europeans and Oceanians so we do not have access to it. It can easily just replace stardust dragon for tcg. For tcg USA  i would also play emptiness, not sure in the main or side but definitely will run it.

Battle fader because the hype now is felgrand star eater combo. I have never liked battle fader and cant wait to change it back to scarecrow when the mythics hype die down.

No queen dragun djinn cz its underwhelming and you almost never make it. pearl is just better overall for beatsticks against evilswarms.

Everything else is very standard and normal. I feel that in ygo now, alot of the skill comes from deckbuilding and knowing what cards to play to maximise consistency and how to adjust towards the meta (most important aspect basically). There is lesser skill in gameplay compared to older formats like BF, plants,and goat control etc, but there is still an intensive amount of skill when it comes down to controlling resources. Basically, no matter how good a person is, the person's limiting factor is his deck. A good dragon mirror happens when both players have equal amount of resources and grinds it out for the win. No matter how good you are, if your deck sucks and you make wrong choices, you will still lose. Thus, to make sure you dont lose to shitty hands and cards, you need to make sure your main, and side has no unnecessary cards.

There is not much to explain because the game is quite simple at this point and you just have to give small dot points and players will understand why x is good, or why x is bad play etc. It doesnt take a genius to play yugioh, but it takes skill to build a good deck.

I will write an article about sidedecking soon because many people are still wrongly sidedecking and putting in either wrong cards or just oversiding -__-

Thats all for today.

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