Friday, August 30, 2013

Temporal isolation

As the post suggests I will be taking a break from yugioh.

This is mainly due to uni, life etc. every time I play on dn I spend at least 2-3 hours when I coulda been using my time doing smtg else more productive.

This means no blog posts, and no playing etc, and at most I will be on dn watching ppl, or testing with friends for their tourneys etc.

Last minute advice for ppl in tcg - 3 veiler is pretty real, like 3 is needed to stop temperance of prophecy, and you should be saving your veiler only for that, and never for an early game batel. The world is strong win condition.

The current tcg format is very theme based, and with all the generic strong cards gone from the game, the best deck will be the most broken and consistent theme. Atm its spellbook , mermail or dragons. Don't expect so much "variance" as you thought when the list was first released because no matter how many bf whirlwind you have, the deck will never have as much options and synergy compared to new themes.

The end.

Will see u guys again during regionals and national season next year !

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